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Advertising Brief – Initial Points to Remember


A brief is a document received by the client which clarifies the aims and objectives of the campaign required and explaining the designer or agency about the brand’s identity. This document is very important in terms of development of the campaign but in usual practice this is forgotten mostly. Either the conversation takes place between the designer and the client verbally or just few simple points are discussed. But actually the designer is not supposed to write the brief but must know how it is made since he can be in a better position to deliver good designs and can understand the purpose of it.

The brand issues or opportunity that the new communication must address

  • To stay top of the mind and bring brand closer to the consumer we need to give a fresh look to the communication
  • Build brand further on its positioning

The target consumer affinity group

  • Gender (Males or females and which age group)
  • Belonging to A, B, C or which class
  • The target audience profile (Students, career oriented people or any other)

Current consumer usage, attitude and mindset

  • Usage: e.g. Chocolate is an impulsive buy that is done frequently
  • Attitude e.g. Treat yourself
  • Mindset e.g. knowing a certain brand that delivers chocolates and how many variants, flavors, ingredients

The desired consumer behavior, attitude and mindset

  • Choosing the chocolate of that certain brand maybe for a pleasurable break (Kitkat), choosing a chocolate that gives me an exotic feeling (Bounty), mindset that my appetite will be filled with the most desirable taste (Snickers).

KitKat Advertising

Bounty Bar Ad

The consumer understanding the brand can leverage to achieve the desired consumer change

  • Desired consumer understanding: e.g. for Kitkat people are bored at times and they look for a break from their monotonous routine, or for Debeers, Diamonds are forever the desired consumer behavior is spend some but enjoy for the whole life, keep them with you forever and never worry.
  • Desired consumer change: Kitkat gives me break from my boring routine so I have to buy it, or I should get nike shoes because I just have to do it, I need to have the power and should be able to achieve the impossible. This is something very conceptual and depends mainly on the concept and the taglines.

kitkat truck

DeBeer Ads

Jewelry ad

Barack Obama Nikes

Role of brand in relation to the insight

It goes same as the tagline or the concept; Kitkat a break from monotony, Philips Sense and simplicity, Horlicks taller, stronger, sharper and so on.

Philips Ad

Horlicks Ad

What should the communication say

  • What medium to be used, whether photographs, images or vector based or just typography
  • It should highlight the concept of the campaign and brand personality
  • How is it communicating with the target audience

The brief implies to the total information about the brand and communication style. It also indicates certain USP’s (Unique selling propositions) of the brand and complete list of the designed items which need to be developed. The timelines, language of communication and reference material are also mentioned. The purpose of the brief is now very clear since without it no creative campaign can be developed.

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