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All That Occurs In One Day On The Internet [Infographic]


Have you ever imagined the amount of data being downloaded, uploaded or consumed over all on the internet in a day? Probably you never have a thought about of it yet. You would be surprised to know the facts and figures. Billions of users are involved in online activities on daily bases in email sending, status updates, downloading, uploading, streaming videos, purchasing apps, etc. Most of part of the life of people simply revolves around posting the blogs, changing the status on facebook, sending emails, streaming videos, and downloading favorite songs.

Data Consumed in 24 Hours on Internet

In 24 hours, the data which is consumed on internet is sufficient to fill up 168 million DVDs. Have a look on to the following facts that are pretty eye opening for the people.

  • On internet, 249 billion e-mails are exchanged and according to an estimate, if it would be done through US postal mail service, it would take around two years to deliver or process such number of mails.
  • Now the blog posts: writers produce 2 million posts for their blogs on daily bases. If the same amount of data is provided to Time Magazine, it will be enough for them to print their magazine for 770 years.
  • Facebook is the top most used forum of social media by online users. Around 172 million people visit facebook daily. This includes all of their activities on facebook. Twitter is on the second number with 40 million users. Linkedin with 22 million users is on third, Google+ with 20 million users on fourth and Printerest with 17 million users is on fifth number.
  • Internet users spend 4.7 billion minutes collectively on facebook. During the whole day, 532 statuses are updated throughout 24 hours. Facebook users upload 250 million images and if all these images are printed the stack, would be required to print all of these images, would be equal to the height of 80 Eiffel towers.
  • Old is gold. People are still of watching old movies. They watch old movies and TV shows online. Overall 22 million hours of these movies and TV shows are watched online daily. This is the entire time; people watch movies in theaters in three days around the globe.
  • People upload thousands of videos on YouTube daily. Online users of YouTube upload 864 thousand hours of videos every day. This is the time which is equivalent to ninety eight years of non-stop videos of cat.
  • Now the music lovers: Around 18.7 million music lovers stream their favorite music files on Pandora. Isn’t that huge amount of data? Of course, it is. A single computer would require more than 2000 years to stream this much amount of data.
  • Over 35 million apps are downloaded every day. Whereas 1288 new apps are made available to be downloaded daily.
  • After all, sales of Apple’s iPhone have crossed the limits. It has surpassed the birth rate of human beings. On daily bases, 378 thousand iphones are sold on the other hand, 371 thousand babies are born.

The amazing facts of online traffic are not limited to all this, but there is much more. Keep surfing and try finding the wonderful details and eye opening aspects of digital world.

Source: MbaOnline

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