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Animated Explainer Videos Made Easy With DIY Tool MakeWebVideo


Are you looking for an affordable and cost effective way to promote your business, your product launch or upcoming event? While there are a number of ways in which you can do so, online videos are one of the best mediums for promotion. Videos allow you to communicate your message and explain your service to the target audience, in a convincing manner. These videos also form your core marketing tool in the world of social media. It has changed the rules of the game as far as promoting a brand is concerned. However most of us think professional explainer videos are too complex to create and involve lot of investment. This is not the case anymore as you can make use of a DIY tool and create a professional quality video for your business within a couple of hours.

Explainer Video

MakeWebVideo is the new kid on the block when it comes to DIY online video production tools, but it has already manged to grab a few headlines because it has raised the bar considerable when it comes to the quality of videos that is now possible for the non-techie user to create. It has combined two key elements that other similar tools failed – ease of use and professional output. All other DIY video tools were either too complex or fail to create videos that would create an impression about your brand in the minds of the viewers. It allows you to create a video in mere 30 minutes. And mind you these videos are as best as any professional video studio would create. This is because the tool uses the very same video templates that the professionals use, but while others have to manually customize the video template and render a video, the MakeWebVideo system does the same, but fully  automatically, without the need of manual labor. The developers of this tool have kept the needs of an average user in mind while developing it and hence you can get started with it without any prior knowledge of video editing. All you need is some basic skills with the computer and you are ready to go miles with this tool. The template give you plenty of room to make the videos your own. You can upload your pictures, footage and write your custom text.

Easy To Use Web Interface

When it comes to using an online tool the first thing that would strike your mind is its user interface. MakeWebVideo would immediately strike you with its user-friendly interface. Unlike other video editing tools there are no unnecessary features and it offers only the basic options that you would require to create a stunning video. Though some uses might need a bit more flexibility, such as the ability to cutout slides, the missing video editing stuff can easily be done in any free video editor. So, to start producing your animated business video, all that you need to do is choose a template; upload the text, footages and images that need to be a part of your video and within 30 minutes you will have a mp4 video ready to be downloaded or embed in your website. We specially like the fact that included in the price is video hosting and a video player, so you don’t have to mess around with that. Just paste the embed code provided and voila, your video will play on all pc’s and iOS devices.

Choice of Templates

One of the features that separate MakeWebVideo from other similar tools is the wide range of templates. These templates meet all kinds of needs from videos with a serious professional tone, to ones that have fun written all over them. They can be easily customized allowing you to add your personal touch the videos. The most popular templates are the ones for producing an explainer video.

Video Templates

Say 1, 2, 3 For Amazing Video…

Yes, you can create an amazing video saying 1, 2, 3! Here with this tool you will be able to create a video that meets the needs of your business in three easy steps.


# 1 – To start with you will need to choose one of the templates that are available on the site as we have already mentioned. Be choosy and keep your brand, target audience and message in mind. Often we get carried away templates by their sheer look that we forget host of other factors that would decide upon the success.

# 2 – After zeroing in on the template, you come to the most important stage of creating a video. Here you will need to upload all the images, footages, text, music and graphic elements that you want to be included in the video. Upload them in a sequential manner and make sure there are no spelling mistakes and typos in the text.

# 3 – The last and the final step is all about generating your video with the click of a mouse. MakeWebVideo will provide you with embed code that allows you to play the video directly from their server.  Also you will be able to download the video in multiple formats and all this took is just about 30 minutes.

What You Get With MakeWebVideo

  • Professional Quality VideoThere can be no compromise with the quality of the video and MakeWebVideo will impress you with its quality. This tool is powered by Adobe After Effects which is a renowned video creation tool. You can get Full HD video with this tool that can be used for online and offline promotion.
  • Creative Templates You will have access to highly creative and customizable templates. These templates have been created by some of the best video artists in the world and hence add to your brand value.
  • Online Solution – You don’t need to download and install any tool or plugin into your workstation as this is a complete online tool. You can access it through major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. It is also compatible with all major operating systems – Windows, Linux and Macintosh
  • Work In Phases – Since this is a complete online tool you will be able to access it from anywhere. You can work save the work from one workstation and resume from where you left in another. This offers you great amount of flexibility.
  • Hosting Solution – Along with the videos you will also benefit from the hosting solution. It is one of your major headaches as hosting videos can be an expensive affair especially when it comes to small businesses.  MakeWebVideo offers you hosting solutions on a fast and secured server.

Competitive Pricing

This is something that interests most of us when it comes to using a tool. MakeWebVideo scores highly in this regard when compared to other similar tools in the market. It has been competitively priced starting from $29USD. This makes this tool ideal for small and medium businesses that don’t have a huge promotional budget. They can easily run multiple video campaigns creating awareness about their brand, services and products. The tool also promises 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the output. To get a glimpse of the tool you can create a free trial video and see the results for yourself.

You will need to prepare a few pictures for uploading to the website, and conveniently, the founder of MakeWebvideo has also developed Fatpaint, an online image editor that is quite powerful and will let you do all the image work before producing your video, such as creating a few  pages with text and cartoon characters, that fit well in the explainer template slides.

As a promotional marketing tool, online videos are far ahead of other mediums. With the help of MakeWebVideo you can easily create an animated explainer video to promote your business in no time and for a price that any business can afford. The scalability and robustness of this tool puts it far ahead of others. Add to it the competitive pricing and it becomes one of the top video tools that you will ever come across.

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