Apple iPhone 5S .VS. Samsung Galaxy S4: Race to better phone?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is big competitor of iPhone. It is time to decide that either Apple iPhone 5S is better or Samsung Galaxy S4 is best. Both Smartphones have very good specs, features and design that attract consumers. We should know everything about them to make decision. Samsung will have to face tough competition because 5S is coming with fingerprint scanner, iOS7 and 64bit processor. You can buy it after its launch on September 20. Let decide that which is winner.

Galaxy S4 VS iPhone 5S


Apple 5S is coming with aluminum casing as other older iPhones. It has width of 2.31inch but its competitor S4 has 2.75 inch. 5S is lighter than contestant because it is 112g and Galaxy S4 is 130g (18g heavier than iPhone).  Now the benefit with apple is that it is handy phone. Apple’s mobile have different 3 colors (gray, namely gold and silver).


There is bigger difference between displays of both mobiles. Galaxy device however, has display of 5 inch (Super AMOLED) and ‘1920 x 1080p” but Apple has 4 inch (Retina Technology is used) “1136 x 640p” display. 441ppi and 326ppi pixel density is for S4 and competitor. It you did like to enjoy bigger sharp display than you select Samsung’s S4.

Samsung galaxy Samrtphone

Processor and RAM:

Galaxy S4 prides with 1.9GHz (quad core) processor integrated on Snapdragon 600 chipset and iPhone got 64 bit A7 processor which is used for the 1st time in any mobile ever. Clock speed is 1.7 GHz for Apple’s dual core processor. Another chip is M7 which is included in iPhone 5S. Apple has not gone for big RAM but there is not groundbreaking so you will feel speed of 2GB RAM. But Galaxy S4 exactly has 2GB RAM to make some good performance. Here Samsung Galaxy phone seems to get better hardware.

Apple iPhone 5S is about to release


Apple’s smartphone will have of course iOS7 that is most recent operating system by Apple Inc. this is 1st mobile with iOS7 at 20 September. This is biggest change in iOS history with absolute edge and design. This will make new iPhone very different.

Samsung’s device basically gets Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) as its OS which is not latest operating system recent days. But you don’t worry because Android 4.3 is to launch in October for S4.

Now we have to wait to know that how iOS7 weighs to iPhone users.  Besides this, iPhone 5S support finger sensor below home button. In order of its success, iPhone users get very secure system and they will get rid of boring passwords.

image taken with iphone 5S
Apple iPhone 5s sample picture taken with its 8MP camera

Storage and Camera:

Galaxy S4 coming with flexible storage options of 16, 32 and 64GB & opponent has also same storage options. Apple devices do not support SD cards but Galaxy S4’s memory is expandable via SD card. You can enjoy this advantage by Samsung’s mobile.

Galaxy device has 13MP camera with sharp and realistic quality whereas iPhone 5S has 8MP camera on other end. Apple iPhone supports large sensor to get better result in low light, auto focus, image stabilization which make result very better. This also has 2 flashes but SGS4 has one only.  Front camera options are 1.2 and 2MP in order for iPhone and Galaxy Smartphones.  So according to this information, we can say that Galaxy S4 will have very tight competition by iPhone 5S.

Sanpshot of SGS4
Sharp image of 13MP camera of SGS4

Connectivity & Battery:

Well, Apple has very powerful processor which will have more battery consumption and battery power is same as provided in iPhone 5. This might create critical situation but Apple still claims 250h standby and 10h talk time for 5S. On other end Samsung has given 2600mAh battery with its Smartphone that enables you have 17h talk time along with 300h standby time. Better battery performance is for Galaxy S4.

Connectivity options are almost same for both but Samsung has provided some additional features like NFC. You can enjoy WiFi, Bluetooth c4, microUSB v2 and LTE on both devices.

Side view of S4 and S5
You can see side pose of mobiles to imagine slimness

Those who want to buy iPhone 5S as launched should prepare their selves to get if from $199 with 16GB, $299 with 32GB and $399 with 64GB. For cheap shopping you can choose iPhone 5C which can be got form just $99 on 2 years contract. Galaxy S4 costs you $650 but there is not any contract.

Apple upcoming device 5S
iPhone 5s in namely gold color

Now all facts are in front of you to select your device. Well if you want to buy phone with bigger screen, sharp graphics, vast storage and flexible operations that you have to purchase Samsung Galaxy S4 but if you want small size phone with sharp display, normal size and suitable storage then you must choose Apple iPhone 5S. Both mobiles have their own functionality and importance. Happy shopping! Have a nice day.

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