Backgrounds HD 3.5.12 Download Best APK Android Wallpapers App

APK wallpaper APP Backgrounds HD 3.5.12 free Download
Backgrounds HD 3.5.12 _ Best Android Wallpaper Application

Backgrounds HD 3.5.12 is best and latest android Wallpapers pack for your android devices to decorate your home screen with HD wallpapers. This APK app contains high resolution wallpapers to make screen impressive. Here are more features of Backgrounds HD 3.5.12 best android wallpaper app.

  1. HD and unique 5,000+ wallpapers for you.
  2. Best android application with easy controls and good collection.
  3. You can search wallpapers by categories like Popular etc in Backgrounds HD 3.5.12.
  4. A lot of categories are included for more wallpaper in this application.
  5. Backgrounds HD 3.5.12 size is 3.4 MB and its current version is 3.5.12.
  6. This wallpaper application is supported with Android 2.1, 2.3.6 and up OS.

Backgrounds HD 3.5.12 is looking best Android wallpaper app which is recognized as backgrounds, Wallpapers and live wallpapers etc. You can download this wallpaper application form given link below the picture. Make your home screen rocking and enjoy. Have a nice day!

Screenshots of Backgrounds HD android wallpaper app - Download
Backgrounds HD 3.5.12 with 5000 wallpapers of different categories


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