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Balloon Photography That Will Blow You Away


Photography is a most creative means of expression, speaking a truly unique visual language in both manual and digital format. The recording and documenting of images and visuals has been in practice for thousands of years, suited to the standards of each era. Photography as we know it today has travelled through years of development and a mastered art form, responsible for physical proof of the moments we hold dearest to our hearts.

Many a time, we tend to come across a photograph that catches our eye and appeals to us in a manner that touches the emotional side of our personalities. Such photographs begin to hold special meaning for us as we somehow achieve a rather personal connection with the picture itself. It becomes apparent that many times what makes such photographs so special isn’t necessarily that they are pictures of something new or exceptionally artistic, quite the contrary actually. It just so happens that most of the time the photographs that show things so ordinary are the ones that appear the most unique and meaningful to us, be it in the form of things and objects we see every day, or regular scenes, places, people or events.

Many photographers, professional as well as experimental snappers, employ the use of props in their photographs. Any kind of object or material presence could be the prop that make the photography uniquely interesting. We’ve seen the red roses that make photos romantic, the sunglasses that make a fashion statement, and just about everything under the sun.

We will be looking at some pretty creative photography in this post, a collection of photos that display the creative show of balloons in photography. Something so simple and so common can be given such powerful meaning when a picture is composed and framed efficiently, in fact, candid shots are sometimes the best ones taken. Have a look at some beautiful balloon photography below and experience the magical and emotional appeal added to these photos because of the presence of a couple of balloons. Whether we’re looking at romance themed photographs or portraits of children, these are proof that the simplest of things can make something extraordinary.

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Balloon Photography - 4

Balloon Photography - 1

Balloon Photography - 2

Balloon Photography - 3

Balloon Photography - 5

Balloon Photography - 6

Balloon Photography - 7

Balloon Photography - 8

Balloon Photography - 9

Balloon Photography - 10

Balloon Photography - 11

Balloon Photography - 12

Balloon Photography - 13

Balloon Photography - 14

Balloon Photography - 15

Balloon Photography - 16

Balloon Photography - 17

Balloon Photography - 18

Balloon Photography - 19

Balloon Photography - 20

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