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3 Basic Tips For Illusion Photography


The preliminarily thing in arts is to learn how to create 3 dimensional photos on a 2 dimensional page. This brings art of illusion as the essential elements in arts. The artist’s level of creativity is on next level of delight when he/she is able to bring up something on a piece of paper which apparently seems to amaze the art lovers. How to play with the perspectives of human is the art of illusion.

It’s a very tricky game when it comes to manipulating the perspective of human eye. But with camera lens the distance from the object, angel and the composition of the object do make a difference. All these elements may bring ease to accomplish the job of photographer. Few things he/she has to focus on are following basic elements:

  • Clarify the Focal Point of Camera
  • Wide Filled Frame
  • Adjust the Ratios and Compositions

Clarify the Focal Point of Camera

With a naked eye we can easily identify the objects of our interest and we may keep our focus on those objects. But when it’s about camera lens the photography has to be very conscious and tricky. When you want to highlight the factor of illusion in the photography the basic element is your focal point. Whatever you want to expose in a unique manner through a photograph, should be well defined in your mind and in the focus of your camera.

Image via ShutterStock

Wide Filled Frame

You should be assuring of the scale of the scene you want to capture in the photography. Remember, for an illusionary effect in the photo, the large scale of the scene helps you create a more strong impact but for this you have to be sure that all he portions of the frame are filled. Empty spaces in the frame might make your task difficult and may hinder in reaching your objective.

Image via ShutterStock

Adjust the Ratios and Compositions

Vertical shots help you more in bringing amazing illusions to the photographs. If you are working on horizontal shots try to convert them. You should know the correct adjustment of colors their saturation and positions where to zoom in and where to zoom out.

Image via ShutterStock


Although through camera it gets pretty tough for the photographer to take pictures with a feel of 3 dimensional photography, that can help him/her to enhance illusionary effects of the image, but by following simple rules this job becomes more than easier. With the help of small definitions in your picture you may easily create an impact of illusion which can astonish the viewers.

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