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Beats and Moods [Infographic]


Music is the food for the soul. The origins of music are not very clear; but it is said that it originated over 40,000 years ago. Since then, music has played a major role in human life. There are many different genres of music; each having a huge following. It is a known fact that every individual chooses his or her music based on the mood. Actually, music is a much reliable factor to judge mood than social media. Although used around the world, social media still does not have a 100% penetration. 45% people use social media often, 40% use it occasionally and 15% are rare users. Studies also indicate that 4 in 7 person s do not share their actual emotions on social media. Therefore social media is not the yard stick to analyze moods.

As mentioned earlier, the choice of music is dependent on mood. Instrumental music is usually associated with a somber mood. Classical music is also a dish for serious people. Blues and Jazz music are usually associated with a happy mood. Hip hop/rap are related to normal and happy moods, while Rock, surprisingly, is associated with anger. 83% people agree that the choice of music change with the mood, and 71% believe that music can change according to the environment.

The choice of music takes a new tangent when listened to in groups. 44% of the time, it’s the majority choice. 35% of the time, it is the choice of the host; 13% of the pie goes to the chart toppers while a mere 6% of the time, it is listened to individually. The frequency with which people speak up to change the song they don’t like is interesting. 47% people are quiet up front about it, 38% occasionally do so and 15% speak their minds rarely. There are also various challenges associated to music selection in a group or individual setting. Also, there are various music apps having different shares in popularity.

In the end, whatever the mood, there is a certain type of music available for it. So play on! Check the info graphic below for a quick view on beats and moods.


Source: Visual.ly

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