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Beautiful Nails Art

The woman of today is keen and concerned to embellish and beautify herself as the woman of the past used to be. With every passing day, the fair sex is getting more and more conscious to use the new art and cosmetics to her different body parts, so the nails are no more exception in this case. There have been introduced numerous nail coats that allow the women of 21st century to color their nails of hands and toes in thousand of ways. Availability and designs of nail coats and oils has made the nail coating on nails an art. Having designs and images on nails have become significant and is considered as an art as well as fashion now a days. The key point of this art is to use acrylic nails easily fixable on the top of original nails, these acrylic nails are available in numerous attractive designs and images.


In olden days, the Egyptian woman used color to polish their nails; in China, the women used beeswax, Arabic gum, gelatin, vegetable dyes, and Arabic gum for this purpose. IN 1300 BC, the color of the nail polish mirrored communal rank. Black and Red were the favorite colors. Red is the color of Cleopatra. then, nails were colored with perfumed red oils, and were given a  graceful texture or polishing by a chamois cloth, instead of  any simple polish. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, persons followed a polished instead of painted appearance by massaging colored powders and creams hooked on their nails. Later after the formation of automobile paint, Cutex formed the first up-to-date nail polish in 1917. Artificial nail polish was announced in the 1920s in Paris.

Non-natural nails

Non natural nails are an addition on the natural nails; basically two types of non natural nails are available in market; one is the malleable lightweight nail shaped nails that can be stuck at the end of the natural nail. The second type of non natural or artificial nails is arcylic nail art. UV topcoats are available in the market, these coats cannot be removed from the nails by any biological solvants rather once applied you can remove the coat only by filing your nails. Now fiberglassing and silk wrapping are also the part of the nail art.


Arcylic nails are pasted on the top of original nails, it combines powder and liquid. This combination of both powder and liquid is applied on the origianal nails, after its application the arcylic nails start to toughen and it takes 30 to 40 seconds and gets firm within 20 minutes. These nails can be detached by using multiple thinners available in market to remove them.

In short, in nail art, you can paste the color, image and design of your own choice on your nails and can make your hands attractive and beautiful.

Nail tutorial

Nail tutorial

Nail Art 7



Image Credits: ShutterStock

  • Beautiful Nails Art
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  •  James

    Wow. Nice nails.
    I like the last nail arts and i guess we need experience before using these nail arts. Those who have done this nail art will be too much professional 🙂
    Thanks for the awesome post. 🙂



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