30 Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials Released in 2013

We have just passed into the second half of the year…yeah; it’s a shock because you are feeling that New Year was the day before yesterday. I had the same feeling, therefore you aren’t an exception. Well, from time to time is better to analyze the evolution across time. The web community exponentially evolved in this semester and it seems to be the base for a future much important growing. The Internet is full of responsive websites; nowadays it isn’t something “wow” if you have a responsive website- it’s something normal and nothing more. Somehow, non-responsive is synonym with non-existent!

It’s fabulously to see how much and far evolved the art of making websites, but without the impressive endeavors of the web designers the Internet would look different (I don’t want to be rude or extremist but you are free to replace “different” with ugly). Being a very good designer supposes to work very much and perpetually train the skills. One of the best methods of self-improving the design skills is to practice by following tutorials. The web design blogosphere contains tons of tutorials- from beginners to highly advanced users and everyone may practice. The majority of the web designers prefer working with Adobe Photoshop, but of course there are lovers of Adobe Illustrator or Fireworks (for the lovers of Fireworks- unfortunately, it won’t be further developed by Adobe). Of course, there are many other solutions but the Adobe products are the most common (you may accuse me that I promote Adobe products which isn’t true!).

Here is a collection of the best Photoshop tutorials released this year- these aren’t grouped in categories or added according to an algorithm. Next ones are the best tutorials on my humble opinion, surely you may agree or not; what really matters is to practice! In conclusion, I strongly recommend following these tutorials and if you have other proposals please use the comment form and share with us your favorite resources.

1. Disaster Scene

In this tutorial you will learn how to destroy the world…well, not quite, don’t worry! Instead you will get an idea about how to create a disaster scene. The tutorial is for advanced ones, therefore be patient and be very careful when following the steps.

2. Iphone music player app

If you are passionate about interface design or iPhone applications, then this tutorial is for you. Anyone interested may create a wonderful design of a music player app…definitely it is worth getting your hands dirty with it.

3. Science fiction environment

This complex tutorial is perfect to create a science fiction environment- a fight scene. It has 21 modules which are very detailed, I doubt that you won’t have a nice final result if you follow the explanations step-by step.

4. Fantasy digital art

This tutorial is not based on very complicated techniques and everyone with a decent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop may follow it. In spite of that, the final image is awesome and truly inspiring.

5. Part the sea

Even if this tutorial seems very complex and it may be hard to pay attention to all the details, the final image is charming and it is a strong reason to give it a try and have your own result version.

6. Retouching lipstick artwork

“British lipstick” has a special meaning for the tutorial author and I strongly encourage paying attention to this tutorial. It’s a great example of how any designer should pay attention to details.

7. Electrified metal text

Text effects were, are and will be very interesting for any designer and a tutorial that teaches how to apply a wonderful metal effect is a great resource.

8. Futuristic matte painting landscape

Creating a futuristic scene is a common subject of a tutorial, but in the same time, it’s extremely challenging. This tutorial creates a special world and it will be great to imitate it…it’s impossible not to learn some interesting tips or techniques.

9. Fantastically textured flaming portrait

Here is another wonderful tutorial that should be followed by everyone. It combines various techniques and the final result is an impressive flaming portrait. The image is self-explicatory.

10. Mysterious steampunk man

Some tutorials are not for sharpening skills, they are examples of good design and impressive esthetic eye. This is a good example that sustains my idea, the atmosphere created is amazing.

11. Beautiful angel

This tutorial is another example that proves common images may be transformed into amazing artworks. It’s true, the main element is the image of a beautiful girl, but her transformation into an angel is the kudos of the designer.

12. Fantasy floating green planet

The imagination is the single limitation…Have you ever imaged that a tennis ball may represent the base of a fantasy world? I am almost sure that you haven’t…

13. Cyborg warrior

The author explains very detailed how to create a stunning cyborg warrior. The tutorial is very long, but it is divided into steps and this structure helps a lot…you may verify each step and of course, you may take a break from time to time.

14. Ghost ship photo manipulation

This tutorial makes me say “wow”; it’s amazing how from a simple boat, the designer created a ghost ship. Once again, congratulations, from my personal opinion, it is the work of a super talented person!

15. Ghost town

The precedent tutorial was about how to create a ghost ship; well, here is a tutorial about how to create an entire ghost town. The tutorial has the same quality, therefore don’t forget to bookmark and follow it.

16. Ice and fire

Mixing ice and fire is possible…much more, their result is pretty awesome, check this tutorial if you are still unconvinced.

17. Magical fire energy text

Playing with typography is an extremely enjoying activity and sometimes, the results are stunning. In this case, you may obtain a magical “S” letter, but of course, you may use any letter you want.

18. Unreal roses bouquet

This tutorial explains how to play with two delicate entities: flowers and colors. The effect is amazing and surely will impress your spouse/girlfriend.
This tutorial is somehow in opposition: it’s mostly for boys because they are passionate about cars. The final car from this tutorial is wonderful, isn’t it?

19. Luxury classic car

This tutorial is somehow in opposition: it’s mostly for boys because they are passionate about cars. The final car from this tutorial is wonderful, isn’t it?

20. Abstract photo manipulation

Here you may learn how to create an artistic portrait and how to combine various textures to obtain a beautiful creation. Obviously, you will/may learn other new techniques…just try to achieve the same result as the author.

21. Hot golden text

This tutorial will give you special power: you will learn how to transform a common text into a golden one…unfortunately, it is possible to do it just in Photoshop!

22. Dramatic photo manipulation

It’s another amazing photo manipulation- you will transform a girl into a soldier of the future. The tutorial impressed me due to the attention for the details…I am right, aren’t I?

23. Coming home manipulation

The author teaches the readers how to create a flying house in a special universe. Wouldn’t you be interested in trying this tutorial using a photo of your house instead?

24. Electrified metal scrap text

Again, another text effect tutorial. Don’t worry, even if in this list there are many text effect tutorials, all of them are original and are based on different ideas, therefore you may try all of them!

25. Retro spaceman

I am a big lover of retro style, but I never thought of inserting a spaceman into such a project. Well, the author of this tutorial did it and the result is impressive.

26. Lily princess fantasy

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a wonderful fantasy photo manipulation. There are many techniques used and the explanations are very detailed…a very good tutorial!

27. Emotional surreal landscape

Here is another tutorial that not only teaches you some interesting Adobe Photoshop techniques, but also is useful in learning how to create an artistic design. In conclusion, don’t forget this tutorial and try all your best with it!

28. Letter app icon

The mobile apps is a very hot domain and it was impossible to miss here a tutorial on how to create an icon. The tutorial is not very complicated, but the result is quite interesting.

29. Battlefield scene

By seeing the result of this tutorial you may feel that the war is here and you should prepare for the worst situations. The feelings transmitted are very powerful and everyone should learn how to do it in order to impress the viewers.

30. Dark queen

Yet another photo manipulation. The author describes the tutorial as being suitable for everyone, from beginners to the most advanced ones. I tried to follow this tutorial and I learned a lot, so I am grateful to the author.

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