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Best SEO and Social Media Plugins for WordPress

SEO and social media have been the buzz words for web-preneurs from quite some time now. Considering that the best websites in the World Wide Web are also the ones with the best SEO practices and ever growing social media networks, the zeal among webmasters to leverage SEO and social media is understandable. If you manage a WordPress based website, here’s everything you need to know about the most indispensable SEO and social media plugins you can hope to lay your hands on.

Quick and Effective SEO Management of Your Website

Content improvement plugins from the SEO category ensure that you have a quick snippet view of your content, so that adjustments can be quickly made if the title is too short or long, or the meta description fails to make much sense in the context of the content. With analysis and housekeeping plugins, you can fast track your SEO efforts as these plugins check for issues such as images without ALT tags, inappropriate lengths of posts, poorly written meta descriptions, absence of subheadings in the post, and more. Plus, these plugins ensure that all these gaps are adequately and quickly filled, with features such as keyword focussing tags suggestions, and more. Adding meta tags and descriptions to all categories is also possible with these plugins.

Leverage SEO Plugins for the Best of Online Success

Trust SEO plugins to help you index all web pages, ensuring that you showcase only the landing pages in the search results. Automatic addition of ‘rel’ link elements, creation of XML sitemap, submissionof sitemap to all search engines, and output of canonical link elements throughout the website – all these complex tasks are also automatically handled by SEO plugins for WordPress.Optimization of RSS with SEO plugins ensures that you beat scrapers at their own game, by linking the RSS feed to the original content. Moreover, Breadcrumbs based navigation can make your website SEO friendly, and with Breadcrumbs plugins, that’s easily facilitated.


Integrated as Well as Focussed Social Media Content Management

Bring in coherence to your social media marketing strategies with plugins to integrate all your profiles and club them into a single feed or a network stream. Use rotating feed lists and filterable jQuery walls with your social media page tiles, and add differentiation to the way you showcase your social pages. Of course, there are dedicated and niche social media plugins as well, such as Facebook likebox plugins that make it effortlessly easy for you to invite shares, likes and comments from the granddaddy of all social networks. Also, Twitter sliders help you in adding more aplomb to the way you add Twitter content to your WordPress website, right from using multiple avatars to adding amazing transitions between tweets.

Effortless Addition of Social Links and Buttons With Social Media

Sophisticated social media plugins are easy to add at any place in your content with shortcodes and settings options. Also, these plugins keep a track of the popularity being gathered by all your social connections, thus helping you build a fine tuned and well informed social media strategy. Single shot and automated publishing of your content on your social networks is also a strong and powerful feature provided by these plugins. Add dedicated social network widgets or use tile boxes and sidebars for an integrated approach – all this and more with social media plugins for WordPress.

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