Better Smartphone? “Samsung Galaxy S4” Or “Sony Xperia Z”

This year is big year of Smartphone and a lot of Smartphones launched this year. Samsung and Sony are big names in Smartphone production companies and they have launched Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z which are great mobiles today. Every phone can’t be best, so which is the best Smartphone and why? You should know about following points before decide.

Samsung Galaxy S4 VS Sony Xperia Z

Making Structure:

Both of the mobile come with same screen sizes but there is some difference in their design. Samsung Galaxy S4 has come with plastic body which has a removable battery cover and therefore you can access you battery. It is come with Gorilla Glass three protection and its weight and thickness is 130g and 7.9mm. Sony Xperia Z is on other side which is come with IP57 protection and this thing makes this a water resistant device. Thickness and weight of this device is 146g and 7.9mm for this device. Besides this, Samsung has made its mobile with beautiful body Shape but Xperia Z has box edges. There is also a little difference between the weights of the device and Samsung is better than Xperia on this point.

Display Screen:

Samsung GS4 has 4.99 inch (Super AMOLED) display screen which has “1920 x 1080” pixels resolution and pixel density of 441ppi. Xperia Z supports 5 inch screen and its pixel density of 441ppi and resolution of “1920 x 1080” pixels.  If we see screen type, we found that both mobile have same size, resolution and pixel density but Samsung is better and terms of viewing angles and contrast.

Processor and GPU:

Processor is main part of the mobile and has big impact on mobile performance. Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4 have same chipset of “Snapdragon 600” but there is some difference in their clock speed. Samsung gives 1.9GHz CPU but Xperia Z supports 1.5GHz. Graphics processor for the both device is same which is “Adreno 320”.

Galaxy S4

RAM and Storage:

Samsung is also better than Sony in the terms of RAM and internal storage as Galaxy S4 support 16, 32, and 64GB of built in storage but this is only 16GB in Xperia Z. This is a disappointing point for Xperia Z lovers but both devices has SD card slot so that this problem can be solved. Now if we see on RAM, we found both mobiles equal because both come with 2GB RAM.


Samsung and Sony have provided same camera of 13 MP with their Smartphones.  Both devices are given with LED, auto focus, . But if we see on image quality, we will find Samsung Galaxy S4 better then competitor.  Samsung’s camera comes with more clarity, less noise and better contrast which makes its image result perfect. But both mobiles have good result and performance even in low light too. Besides this all, if you examine 13 MP camera in Smartphones, you will come to know that Samsung Galaxy S4 has superb camera than all.

OS and Connectivity:

GS4 and Xperia Z have latest android operating System which is Jelly Bean 4.2.2 (Android) but they have different look because of design maker’s choices. Samsung’s OS with “Touchwiz” and other product OS comes with “Sony UI” interface. There are some other features like redecorated camera, S translator, S health and smart pause supported by Galaxy mobile and  applications like this are also supported by Xperia phone. Connectivity of both mobiles is fantastic and Bluetooth v4, WiFi, NFC, microSD card slot and microUSB.

Xperia Z

Battery and Price:

A little difference in the batteries of competitors is there. Galaxy Smartphone supports battery with capability of 2600mAh which is 2330mAh in other mobile. Xperia’s battery is not heavier as Samsung because of its processor and screen consumption. But when charging, S4 takes more time than Sony’s device. Now Samsung will cost you $625 for Galaxy S4 but Sony Xperia Z is available in $540.

So, which Smartphone is better? This is tough to say but if we see deeply on their hardware, performances, displays and software than we will fine Samsung Galaxy S4 better over Sony Xperia Z in most qualities. Its screen, fantastic camera, better processor and battery support is higher. Sony Xperia Z is also not bad but we have to give credit Samsung for this time.

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