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Buying a Gift for Your Non-Tech Sweetheart

Sometimes opposites attract, like when a gadget hound falls for someone who isn’t all about the latest tech. What’s a guy to do when his girl doesn’t get excited about the latest iPhone or Android tech to hit the market? It gets even worse when it comes time for gift giving; when your brain is distracted by bits of silicon and processor chips, it’s tough finding something that will make that special someone light up. Thankfully, modern-day tech isn’t just all about blatant gadgets like drones without cameras or the latest iPad.

The key to appropriate gift-giving is to remember the key rule: it’s not about you; it’s about the person receiving the gift. Think of it this way; you wouldn’t get a set of VR goggles for someone who was blind, right? They aren’t going to get any enjoyment out of the gift no matter how awesome it is. The same thing goes for that special girl in your life who might think gadgets are cool but isn’t all about them like you are. Be especially mindful when it’s an important gift-giving day between couples like Valentine’s Day. Don’t make common mistakes like getting her a non-sentimental gift.  If you are determined to get your girlfriend tech-savvy gifts, look for gifts where the form is the first thing.

As an example of form being the first consideration, consider an Apple Watch charm necklace from Bucardo. This elegant pendant has a heart-shaped locket charm that can be hung from any chain. And it also holds her Apple Watch, turning it into a necklace and freeing her wrist up for a nice bracelet. That way she can still wear her watch even when it the wristband wouldn’t match her outfit.

If your girl likes jewelry, several manufacturers are now marrying tech into elegant couture pieces. For example, Ringly makes beautiful pieces of jewelry that doubles as activity trackers and provide custom vibrations for mobile notifications. Made from premium materials, the gear will cater to her sense of the luxurious and also tweak your tech interests.

There are a lot of other gadgets that clothe themselves in something that would look good in anyone’s closet. From portable backup batteries that nestle inside of a special clutch to a keychain that hides a dual-purpose Lightning and micro-USB charger, you can find nearly anything that satisfies your love of gadgets and her love of the fashionable.

Of course, if you really want to impress and woo that special someone, forgoing gadgets entirely is an option that you shouldn’t dismiss. While it is only natural that you should want to share your love of something with the person you adore, remember what we said. The nature of a gift should be something that not only reflects your taste but also takes into consideration what the recipient likes.

By getting something that reflects both of your wishes, you not only show that you are paying attention to what your significant other likes and does not like; you are also finding a way to introduce them to the world of tech and gadgets that you love. Eventually, who knows? You may convert your tech-resistant sweetheart into just as big of a gadget hound as you are.

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