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Canines With Class – Underdogs Project


Suiting and other formal clothing have been known to transform women and men into ladies and gentlemen. Ina broader perspective, fashion clothing gives a certain style and attitude to people. Latest trends in fashion are followed religiously worldwide. Clothing lines for even kids are available today, and are selling like hot cakes. Getting dressed and getting photographed is a passion among men and women alike. Sebastian Magnani from Berne, Switzerland had an entirely new idea for fashion modeling.

Underdog Project

Sebastian’s new project titled “Underdogs” consists of a series of images of some well-dressed individuals; only, the individuals are not humans, but dogs! The project is both highly creative and hilarious. It shows Sebastian’s creative prowess as well as his command over deigning softwares. The way he has treated the images gives an impression that they are actual pictures.

Sebastian’s work has a lot of attention to details. In one of the images, a female dog is shown wearing a stylish outfit along with some artificial jewelry that is very famous these days. Sebastian adds the extra touch by showing sun shades fashionably resting on the dog’s head, as is very commonly done by most people. The use of long human hair adds perfection.

Another brilliant image is that of a somber looking male dog, with a Tom Cruise MI 2 hairstyle. The dog looks extremely up to date in fashion, with a blue denim blazer and a buttoned waistcoat (no shirt mind you).

This humorous and creative project is not just for laughs. It shows how hard Sebastian has worked and it is a true testament to his designing skills. There are other images in the project as well, each topping the previous and the next one.

Underdog Project

Underdog Project

Underdog Project

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