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How to Draw Anime Stylish Cat Drawing Tutorial


Drawing is an beautiful art and it’s totally dependent on person’s interest in this field. Yea its true but some persons are God gifted there’s something in their hands which make them a good artist but in the same way by struggle and hard work  any person can achieve all these creative master pieces by doing practice so lets start now practice session.

So today we will draw a picture of a cute cat which is easily visible below and remember its not so difficult and it looks but don’t worry when you will see this tutorial you will feel its very easy.

Beautiful Cat Picture:

how to draw anime cat picture

Draw These Shapes:

First draw circle and then draw a curve in that circle and you should notice your circles shouldn’t be exact they should be draw in a manner like below figure shown such an example and then draw an oval shapes circle below this circle and these circle should be attached by a single curving line.

how to draw anime cat picture

Draw Face Borders:

Now first draw face borders here you should be careful when drawing these face borders the curving in the face borders is important hold your drawing tool far from the tip and hold it softly and then draw hairs and ears its very easy you should have a little drawing skills to draw these curves.

how to draw anime cat picture

Draw Eyes and Face Expressions:

You should practice drawing oval shaped circular egg like eyes in a separate paper and when you get you are drawing is better than before than try it on original drawing left eye can drawn by making a simple D and then reshaping that D will results like a eye shown in the picture below . Now here size is an important issue if your drawing skills aren’t so good then you can use a ruler to measure sizes of eye and different shapes and when drawing mousches hold your drawing tool very softly and apply a little force like making a diffusing line.

how to draw anime cat picture

Draw Body Parts:

Draw hairy type body pattern below and do not make its pointed while using your drawing tool try draw its end in circular shape this look very awkward at this step but don’t worry in the next steps it will start looking very awesome.

Cat Drawing anime

Draw Kitten Legs:

Now this part is very amazing and here you have to be careful about the sizes and dimension because you have to give legs a 3-D pattern which is not very difficult but mind wrecking part for the beginner.So first draw 1st leg and then draw second leg but here 2nd leg should be a little smaller then 1st leg but bit more then 2-3 meters and also give it a different shape while tilting the leg and draw lines in such a ways 2nd leg look like its behind the first leg and the key for this after making leg when you join this line to above body keep aware to no join it from the first side join it from the back side.

Cat Drawing anime

Draw Back Portion:

Now draw its back potion while joining the back portion with the below leg and when joining the back with the below front 1st leg draw a curvy line with making hairs below it you can first draw a curvy line and then make hairs and then use eraser to hide the extra curves which appears.

Cat Drawing anime

Draw Tail:

Now draw tail of kitten now i will give you a tip here first draw straight tail shape like the one shown in the below picture and then draw hairs on it and then use eraser to remove the extra curve and then meet the curve and hairs by rounding the meeting lines of the curve and hairy lines.

Cat Drawing anime

Finalize Drawing:

Now in above all steps we use different colors at each step and if you are very slow and beginner learner then use different color for each step and if you have more confidence then use a single color to make a cute cat.

Cat Drawing anime

Coloring You Drawings:

Now you can assign beautiful colors to your cat this color scheme is very important so if you don’t have idea about color try to see different examples of coloring a cat by using Google you can search alot .Thanks for reading this article if you want to give suggetions or if you have any query don’t forget to comment thanks.

Cat Drawing anime

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