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How to Insert Background Pattern in an Image Using Adobe Photoshop

Selecting The Tool:

Some times there’s a need to insert specific patterns in the image. This is possible in Adobe Photoshop using a simple tool. In the recent post we did some work on Stamp Tool . There are two types of stamp tool one is clone stamp tool and the other is pattern stamp tool. we will use patterns stamp tool for creating patterns inside the objects. Select pattern tool from the toolbar section. Do right click and select pattern stamp tool.  See Screen Shot


insert pattern in image adobe photoshop


Setting Size of Brush:

After select tool select the size of brush. Size of brush should not be so small because it will take more time to do processing. Brush shouldn’t be so larger as larger amount of accuracy is not achieved using larger brushes. So size should be moderate to achieve a considerable amount of accuracy. This tool will draw a pattern in the object. Pattern will be selected later before this we will do some settings. See Screen Shot.


set size insert pattern in image adobe photoshop


Selecting Mode of Pattern:

Now select mode of pattern. There are different modes you can see the list in the below screen shot. I selected dissolve mode which mean the pattern which I will draw on the image or background will be kind of like dissolving something. Now there’s problem of background and image. Image and background is same in the image see screen shots below to understand the problem regarding background.

select mode set size insert pattern in image adobe photoshop



Now let say we move the over image see what happens.

insert pattern photoshop



The whole pattern is appearing on the background and the objects to resolve this issue we will have t create a new layer of background and extract objects from background. To Learn how to extract objects from a background follow this Link . After extracting objects you can create a  new layer. Follow the above link to create a new layer of background and paste the extracted objects from image.

There’s an alternative method to select background and use pattern brush. First select magic tool from the toolbar. Then click on the image to select background. If you see the marquee line around the end border of image that means background is selected. If you do not see this line just on Select Menu and click inverse which will change your selections from objects to background.


select magic tool photoshop



If this marquee is not appearing on border which means only objects are selected . Use the following screen shot to select the background.

invert selection photoshop

Fill Borders With Pattern:

Now again select the Pattern Stamp Tool. Since now background is select you easily fill background with desired pattern. You can make any shape with this pattern.

filling border with pattern photoshop


Choose Different Patterns:

You can choose different patterns. Just follow the below screen shot to understand how to select more patterns. In the above bar select Downward Arrow  click on rightward arrow. Click on load pattern then a new window will open select Artistic Surface from that window. New patterns will be inserted choose pattern which you like. 


load patterns photoshop



Filling Whole background:

background pattern adobe photoshop

Using Tools In Photoshop:



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