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10 Essential Cheat Sheets for Designers and Developers


Cheat sheets are used to get the quick references. These sheets are the set of brief kind of notes and one can use these sheets just like as reference cards. Following are some cheat sheets which are useful and effective for web developers:

1. SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

SEO cheat sheet save your time and help you in completing your tasks within short time span. You can easily depend on this cheat sheet and avoid researching relevant material several times. This cheat sheet also allows you to store PDF files wherever you want and download them at any time. This is a helpful tool for designers who make lots of syntax error.

SEO Cheat Sheet Source

2. Bootstrap Cheat Sheet

Bootstrap cheat sheet is much faster and easier to understand than other cheat sheets. It is for beginners and new web developers who are still in their learning phase. These cheat sheets avoid repetitive solutions and are authentic. The frame work provided by these cheat sheets comes in top line of web development solutions.

Bootstrap Cheat Sheet Source

3. Type Guide

Type guide is another easy to use tool in cheat sheets domain. The simple to understand typography and clear layout helps the web developer define his tasks and route out all the work and complexities which need to be dealt. The customization ability of the cheat sheet is another impressive and motivating factor for the web developers.

Type Guide Source

4. Foundation Cheat Sheet

Another simplest and flexible cheat sheet for beginners is the foundation cheat sheet. These cheat sheets require minimal understanding and self explaining for the web developer. Over the internet this cheat sheet has got the most commendable and positive views by different users which clearly prove it to be best in class. Custom elements are the highlights of these cheat sheets.

Foundation Cheat Sheet Source

5. Adobe Illustrator CS6 Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Photo shop short cut keys cheat sheet is the optimal tool for web developers and they heavily rely on this tool in order to maintain their work flow. These cheat sheet helps the web developer create short cuts on the keyboard from different illustrations. For example in CS6 cheat sheet grey text short cut is given on the key board which is quite helpful for the users.

AI Cheat Sheet Source

6. Photoshop CS6 Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provides you with the simplest shortcut keys which would play an effective role in your web development. The purpose of these cheat sheet is to guide you about the shortcuts available on the keyboard regarding the Photoshop tools which are needed to formulate web development.

Photoshop CS6 Cheat Sheet Source

7. jQuery Cheat Sheet

Jquery is a decent and uncomplicated cheat sheet and it serves the basic purpose of cheat sheets but if you are looking for some advance features like explanation of complex syntax along with examples this is not the right tool to use.

jQuery Cheat Sheet Source

8. Web Safe Font Cheat Sheet

These cheat sheets are different from regular cheat sheet as they are to help you in all the matters related to font size colors and type. These cheat sheet provide you with updates statistics and help you have better printability. The cheat sheet also support quick referencing feature from Google fonts and API directory.

Web Safe Font Cheat Sheet Source

9. Browser Shortcut Cheat Sheet

This is a very effective tool for today’s web developer. It can help the web developer to have short cut keys for all the visited pages over the internet. The web developer then can immediately go to the page of his requirement without going through the hassle of researching.

Browser Shortcut Cheat Sheet Source

10. Mootools Cheat Sheet

Mootools Cheat Sheet Source

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