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Child Turns Into Grandmother in Few Minutes


Five minutes can tell the story of a face from its puerility to geezer hood. No need to be surprised, it is true but with a tenuous adjustment. The technology has grown so advanced that you can even expect a reversal of old age into childhood in near future.

Don’t skip over the video. It’s worth watching.

A film producer, Anthony Cerniello’s new time-lapse technique has taken the world into storm. A team consisting of a photographer, 3D animator masters and Anthony Cerniello himself joined to accumulate the human life span in few minutes. Their attempt is undoubtedly worthy.


The video presents a modification of a little child growing astoundingly from her childhood to an old. He gave the name of ‘Danielle’ to his creativity.


The changes are imperceptible while seeing the video or the pictures until you see the obvious marks of old age in the face. The changes are so minute to perceive with a common eye, but it can be felt easily. The varying features, increasing lines around the lips, the curves around the eyes, the melting eye blanket, the white hair, the shrinking, wrinkling skin. All these changes occur but in a refined slow manner.


The creator wanted to create a person. The video is not at all a lapse but seems a little mechanical according to Anthony Cerniello.

via: thisiscolossal

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