Choosing Springs for Manufacturing

In order to absorb and accumulate torque, many mechanisms make use of torsion springs. They are capable of bending and twisting with respect to the axis. The operation of the spring is clockwise or counterclockwise. Loads act perpendicular to the axis of torsion spring in parallel planes lagging behind each other.

Thanks to special hooks, the orientation of torsion spring in space is retained and its ends are fixed on the movable or fixed elements of the mechanism. The twisting and untwisting process occurs under the influence of external forces, reducing and increasing the spring’s dimensions in diameter.

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Types of springs

Structurally, we can distinguish the following types of springs:

  • Springs of cylindrical shape with polished ends. The outer coils on both sides are pressed tightly to each other;
  • Conical springs;
  • Barrel springs;
  • Torsion springs;

The principle of elastic torsion is widely used in various mechanisms, both in everyday life and in industrial spheres such as mechanical engineering, instrument making industry, furniture manufacture, door manufacture and so on.


Torsion springs are made from a special elastic wire. When deformed under the action of a load, the spring does not lose its original characteristics in strength and elasticity. Such metal properties are achieved by preliminary heat treatment in different modes. The shaping of torsion springs is done through the spring winding method. This can occur in a cold or hot way, depending on the diameter of the wire and the outer diameter of the spring itself.

To protect torsion springs against corrosion when they are designed to operate in aggressive environments, spring manufacturers offer various types of coating. They can be as follows:

  • A regular paint and varnish coating;
  • Chemical oxidation;
  • Powder coating;
  • Zinc coating with the help of galvanic treatment

It is allowed to operate torsion springs without a protective coating in case the springs are made of stainless wire. The composition of the anticorrosive coating is determined during the preparation of the technological design for the manufacture of torsion springs.

Metal spring clips

A metal spring clip is a fastening element made of a strip of spring steel and having two protruding ends for engagement. It is intended for fastening flexible hoses in cooling and heating systems, most often automobile ones. To secure the metal spring clips, you need to move the ends designed for engagement with pliers and put them on a hose, or a pipe. Metal spring clips provide a reliable fixation and sealing, especially in environments with temperature expansion. Metal spring clips are not used at high pressures, though. The peculiarity of such clips is that they can provide reliable sealing compression even in conditions of fluctuating temperatures.

Among the great variety of springs it is very important to choose the one that is the most appropriate for your certain case.

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