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Colorful Exploding Light Bulbs Photography


Photography is a beautiful form of modern art. A static picture says so many words, and opens up imagination beyond boundaries. Light has always been a favorite subject for photographers, be it natural or artificial. Light bulbs have also been photographed many times. The tungsten filament in a bulb, when lights up, gives us light, and the very mechanics of a bulb are fascinating.

Exploding Bulb Photo 1

Although most of the pictures taken of light bulb connote their illumination, Indiana based photographer Jon Smith has other ideas. Breaking the barriers of traditional bulb photography; Smith captures images of bulbs just as they explode. To achieve this, he unscrews the bottom of a light bulb and fills them with paint, chalk, marbles and flowers etc. He then shoots the bulbs with a pellet gun and captures the images with a high speed camera and a sound activated flash trigger.

Shotting the Bulb

The resulting images are absolutely fantastic. With a burst of paint, chalk etc. these images present a unique form of abstract art. The impacts created by the pellets compel the bulbs to burst, and by breaking the stationary form suddenly, all the fillings of the bulbs come out exploding.

All the images captured by Smith have their own attitude. The color selection and lighting is immaculate. Against a black background, all the images come out really sharp and colorful. These images can easily make for wallpaper or even a picture in your living room. Once again, the key is to be unique; and Smith, with his brilliant time pass idea to activate his creative side, has presented us with a really different and highly creative project.

Exploding Bulb Photo 2

Exploding Bulb Photo 3

Exploding Bulb Photo 4

Exploding Bulb Photo 5

Exploding Bulb Photo 6

Exploding Bulb Photo 7

Exploding Bulb Photo 8

Exploding Bulb Photo 9

Exploding Bulb Photo 10

Exploding Bulb Photo 11

Exploding Bulb Photo 12

Exploding Bulb Photo 13

Exploding Bulb Photo 14

Exploding Bulb Photo 15

via Daily Mail

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