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Control your HTPC wirelessly with Lenovo backlit “Multimedia Keyboard”


Lenovo has produced multimedia keyboard remote (N5902) to control your HTPC from any corner of your room. This is flagship model of N5901 and come with a lot of improvements as compared to its previous model. This is come with backlighting, low resolution trackpad which is optical and wireless consistency. So it is a device that saves you from exercise when controlling your HTPC and this brings good battery life, amazing wireless range, fair price and backlighting.

Lenovo Backlit Multimedia Remote

There are a lot of wireless keyboards but there is not any device which gives you facility of keyboard and pointer at the same time with multimedia support. It has micro USB dongle to create RF single to operate device wirelessly. It is designed like ice scraper having keys like blackberry Smartphones, touchstrip for scrolling purpose and a trackpad for pointer. Its shape is too good to hold as you can see in picture. USB dongle creates an RF signal of 2.4GHz and this is further complex as compared to Bluetooth and with this USB dongle, this wireless keyboard works. It has two AA batteries to get power and you can recharge or replace these batteries.

N5902 in darkness
After enable backlighting, this remote will look like this in darkness

You will find a small switch on the bottom side and this has three options (On, Off and lit). You can switch on or off by setting this switch on 1st or 3rd option but if you are using this remote in some dark place you can set this switch on lit option and this will activate keyboard backlighting which helps you to type in darkness easily. Keyboard of this remote is fully QWERTY and this has some additional keys to control multimedia options and it has Ctrl, Del and Alt keys too. There is optical touchpad below the keyboard and two mouse buttons. This touchpad can be a problem for users because it is optical and difficult to use.  You need some practice to control it probably. There is doted scrolling strip under the touchpad and this has good performance and easy to use too.

Lenovo Multimedia Remote with backlit

Lenovo’s multimedia remote is available with price of $70 and this is not cheapest device which have all these functions but this is also not too expensive if you see on its built quality. This have superb built quality and if you want to get more effective remote, you should spend little more and get device of your choice. So you should purchase this for your HTPC. Have a nice day.

Full keyboard View
Keyboard view of Lenovo N5902 multimedia remote
Batter Device for HTPC
You should not use keyboard at the presence of Lenovo N5902 remote

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