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Cool Miniature Robots by Marco Fernandes


The creation of art is in itself a masterful act, one that requires heaps of skill and creativity that eventually result in the production of an artwork from nothing. Some of the bravest of artists like to experiment with various different types of materials and mediums to create their art works, through which these works are given unique meaning and value. Sometimes the most interesting approaches to art are not always those which involve the usage of brand new mediums, but rather, their charm lies wherein these artists make brilliant use of old and recycled objects by giving them new meaning in the incorporation of their art works.

Cool Miniature Robots by Marco Fernandes - 1

Sometimes the most amazing works of art are created using old, thrown away objects people toss away as trash and garbage on a daily basis. The saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ could not have been truer in this case. Marco Fernandes is a product designer from Portugal who has been making the most interesting use of used and recycled things, more specifically of tossed out electrical components and left over gizmos. Marco Fernandez has been basically building miniature robot toys out of recycled electrical paraphernalia, which a variation of color wires, steel bits and bolts and actual resemblance to body and facial features. The series of robots Marco Fernandes has been designing are part of a series called ‘R3bot’, consisting of nine miniature robot toys. Marco’s focus in his versatile style of work revolves around crafts, product design and toy design. His philosophy on creating art is such that one should “reuse, recycle and customize instead of mass production”.

Have a look below at the miniature toy robots produced by Marco Fernandes and experience a uniquely fresh approach to making art. The work of Marco Fernandes has a playful yet industrial and mechanical appeal to it, making the toy like appearance not only to tempting to young children but just as appealing to adults. Have a look at his work below.

Cool Miniature Robots by Marco Fernandes - 2

Cool Miniature Robots by Marco Fernandes - 3

Cool Miniature Robots by Marco Fernandes - 4

Cool Miniature Robots by Marco Fernandes - 5

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