Dell Announces Changes to its Cloud Strategy

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular with individuals and business that are keen to simplify their IT solutions. Basically speaking, cloud computing is the process of accessing and storing software, programs and data on the Internet rather on the hard drive of a particular computer.


Instead of using the hard drive as the focal point of access, cloud users now simply utilise one of the many cloud providers and their services. The reason for the increase in popularity of the Cloud is simple: it provides users with an efficient and more practical service.

Globalisation means that many companies require large IT systems in order to satisfy the needs of their clients and employees. Many people need to access data and software in transit which could be a real problem when all the information was stored on a single hard drive. The Cloud enables users to access everything that they need from any location using any number of devices.

Recent announcements from Dell

Up until recently, Dell was one of the many cloud providers available to users. However, at the recent Cloud World Forum conference in London, Nick Hyner who is the Director of Cloud Services at Dell, announced a change in their strategy.

He spoke about the need to build new partnerships with various Cloud providers whilst providing potential users with streamlined alternatives. In addition to this, Mr Hyner noted that he felt an increased number of options for users and a simpler service would be a huge benefit to all concerned.

To do this, it was concluded that there needed to be a closer relationship between both public and private cloud services. Dell will attempt to bridge that gap as a dedicated cloud integrator.

Reasons for the change in strategy

After conducting extensive research on the subject, Dell concluded that many Cloud users were utilising a number of different Cloud platforms in order to achieve what they wanted. By integrating these platforms, Dell hopes to provide a more efficient system.

Dell has now formed partnerships with major Cloud providers such as Google, Amazon and Century Link to help achieve their goal. To hear more about this, this video of the talk conducted by Mr Hynes is available on YouTube as well as on the Dell website. In it, Hynes talks in further detail about future plans for the Dell cloud services and how the company intends to evolve even more in the future where this aspect of IT is concerned.