Depositphotos Unveils a Sleek New Layout Design

Long time popular stock photos community has recently undergone a beautiful design update. They’ve edited the entire home page layout and customer backend search pages for a more streamlined effect. There are a lot of edits to the navigation as well. Plus some sweet new jQuery stuff.

Depositphotos home page new redesign

I’m a huge fan of the new design and have always been a follower of Depositphotos. The company has a proven track record of providing amazing HQ photos with such low royalty charges. But let’s take a moment to look into the new layout effects and how these may improve your experience with Depositphotos.

The Brand New Interface

Once landing on the home page you should immediately notice some UI edits. The central content block now features a photo gallery background which fades between a few really fantastic shots. The search bar now includes suggested keywords which appear as you begin typing.

Additionally the search pages have been improved with quality gradients and additional space for image content. The whole sidebar and top nav links have been rearranged for a more comfortable user experience. As you hover over each thumbnail a larger preview of the photo is loaded dynamically through JavaScript.

Depositphotos homepage search instant results

Ultimately the search functionality has been re-programmed to make finding images easier on the customer. Since Depositphoto hosts a whole bunch of seller accounts the amount of total photographs have increased tenfold. This also means the company has seen worldwide growth in a booming digital market.

Additional Features

The user dashboard panel in the backend has received a facelift as well. The process for purchasing an image has been scaled to a single-click event if you’ve already tied a payment method into your account.

Additionally each image title, description, keywords, and category are displayed in full-view. When you go to either purchase or upload an image the process has been greatly simplified for less tech-savvy individuals. And with so many international clients the company has expanded to include Italian(Italy), Polish(Poland), Portuguese(Portugal), and Dutch(Netherlands).

I absolutely have to recommend checking out Depositphotos before going anywhere else for photography. The sheer amount of photos in their database is daunting at best. Plus with dozens of unique categories you’re sure to find something worth catching a second glance.

Depositphotos results page with jQuery preview

Targeted Demographics

The company is also very in-touch with today’s digital realm. They have sponsored features specifically geared towards the different industry types most commonly associated with stock photography. Firstly they offer a free download set of photos with the creation of a Trial Subscription account. This is a 7-day trial run where you have access to over 4 million photos completely free… but are limited on downloads, of course.

Additionally you’ll find some great programs for higher echelon techies. The special program for photographers with large portfolios will accommodate the amount of upload resources to include their batch of content. This also includes vector illustrators and logo designers along with photographers. The bloggers and webmasters discount is also popular for content publishers all around the web.

An added bonus: youu can win a personal subscription for 30 days or even longer! Check out the special account terms found just a ways down the page if you’re interested. Depositphotos has a proven track record of friendly business and amazing high-quality works. If you haven’t checked out the redesign hit their home page to get a better idea of what we mean. DP has created a digital marketplace where photographers and content developers can meet in harmony – truly a technological innovation at its finest!

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