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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Web Form


Don’t overlook form design. If your website is the Sistine Chapel, but your contact page is the ruins of Pompeii, you need to up your game. Luckily, designing an amazing-looking form isn’t the headache it once was because designers have a whole new set of tools and knowledge at their disposal. Below are the top five things to consider when designing a custom form.

Functionality first. Not even a beautiful design can overcome a form that doesn’t function, or is fundamentally built poorly. Before you even start to think conceptually, bring it back to the basics: What custom fields do you need? How do you make it easy to use? What information needs to be collected? Start with a simple form builder like JotForm, and go from there.

Work smarter, not harder. Most form builders give you some sort of option to customize your form theme using CSS, which is terrific – if you enjoy needlessly spending loads of time and effort on things. If you haven’t already gotten comfortable with JotForm’s Form Designer, you need to. Using an almost-unreasonably easy CSS Helper, you’ll be done with your custom design in a fraction of the time than using the old method.

Let beautiful images do the heavy lifting. Showing a little restraint, and letting a great image be the centerpiece of your form’s design can yield a great result. Check below for a couple examples.

And another –

Use colors that make sense. Whether you’re using an image, or a textured background, the form fields could greatly benefit from a matching color scheme. Two helpful tools are ColorPick Eyedropper for finding the colors on your page, and Adobe Kuler for discovering a scheme that matches the colors you’re already using.

Would anyone else care to use it? The great thing about using JotForm’s Form Designer (mentioned above) is that it gives an option to sell the very themes you create on their new Form Theme Store. And it honestly couldn’t be much easier; when you’re finished designing your form theme, just choose your price and click to publish it on the store. Best of all? You keep most of the money.