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Designing Great Video Content for Blogs and Websites



Just like websites and blogs themselves, great video content really comes down to a matter of design. It is no accident that some videos look better (and perform better) than others, but rather it is due to the planning and attention to detail that goes into them – right from the get go.


Planning and Scripting


As with big movie productions, even short videos start with a script. The script is essentially going to act as the plan for the video – and should contain a scene-by-scene breakdown of the entire video, including all the details of each scene and what takes place.


Some video creators even go as far as ‘storyboarding’ the scenes of their videos so they can take a look at the elements they plan for it to contain and make adjustments. Depending on the complexity of your scenes, you may decide to do the same – but for simple videos it isn’t entirely necessary.


Even if you aren’t storyboarding it, you should put some thought into the elements that are going to appear within the video frame. For example if you’re using screen capture to record your video then the question is what windows are going to be open, and whether you’re going to ‘zoom’ at certain parts for close-ups to show details that otherwise may be hard to see.


Recording and Editing the Video


Once your script is ready, the next step is to record and edit your video. Don’t try to get everything ‘perfect’ in a single take – that’s rarely going to happen. Instead, be prepared to record multiple takes and then extract the parts that turned out well while getting rid of the rest.


In this way you’ll be able to ultimately combine the various takes into a single video that looks exactly the way that you want. If not – you could always re-record certain scenes.


While you may be wary about the difficulty involved in having to record and edit a video in this way, the Movavi Screen Capture will help make it easy. It is an intuitive screen recording software that will hand you the tools you need to fully control the screen capture as well as edit your video too.


When you use it you’ll find that cutting and combining video segments, enhancing the video quality, inserting stylish transitions, and adding customizable text are all pretty straightforward. In fact, with a bit of trial and error you may even be able to do much more than that.


Considering it is so easy to use, the Movavi Screen Capture is the ideal solution to turn the video content that you designed into a reality. With it, you can create the professional-looking content that you need for your blog or website both quickly and effectively.

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