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Designing Your Website For Optimal Online Marketing


When it comes to creating the perfect website you really need to make sure that you are creating something amazing that is doing some good work for you. You need a website that works as part of your online marketing plan so that people can find you and get buzzed about you.

That starts with making sure that your website has everything it needs, which isn’t a lot, but all parts are important. You don’t need to speed through your setup or launching your site, instead you need to take your time to make it perfect.

Use A Shorter Address

Your first step in creating a great website that markets your business is to come up with the right name for it. Stick with something shorter, rather than having a long and hard to remember URL. You will also need to decide if you want a .com, .net, .org, or something else. Some of this option depends on your business type.

You want an address that fits your business, although you are keeping it short. You want people to be able to remember it, and share it.

Have The Right Pages

Once you have the website address, you need to set up your pages. The landing, or frontpage is an important page that will help determine whether or not people look any farther into your site. Make sure that it is a reflection of your business and your standards.

The next page you need to have is your about page. This page is where you want to let people know not just about your business, but also about you in general. Why did you go into business, what got you started, where are you going with it.

Share Links

You also want to have a page that is for links. You want to have links to all of your own pages, from other blogs to your social media sites. You also should have a link to your crowdfunding page, since every small business and entrepreneur these days is doing the crowdfunding thing.

You may also want to include links to other websites or pages that you follow and enjoy, and that relate to the work that you are doing.

Create A Blog

Every small business needs to have a blog, for so many reasons. It allows you to prove that you are an expert in your field, and it also gives you a creative sounding board for all of your business adventures. The key is to not strictly use your blog to advertise your business.

Post new things often on your blog, and make sure that they are well written and well researched. Make sure that you are giving your readers what they want, but doing it in a way that makes them want to share it too.

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