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Different Music Styles as Seen by Typography Designers


Typographical elements have been incorporated into countless design projects. In fact, these elements are often what can make or break a design. However, of all available typography uses, few are more impactful than when kinetic typography is paired with popular songs.

The combination of beautiful typography design and masterfully created music provides the ultimate listener and viewer experience. Here are nine examples of wonderfully designed kinetic typography videos grouped by music genre.


Frank Sinatra: Something Stupid

One of the more interesting uses of kinetic typography is when it’s paired with classic songs. The combination of modern typographical elements and classic melodies provides the ultimate viewing and listening experience. Take note of the wonderful illustrations in this video.


The Beatles: Help

You know this video is going to be a good one before the song even begins simply from viewing the introductory illustrations. This video’s creator is obviously an experienced designer and kinetic typography developer because this example is flawless and a must-see.

The Beatles: Eleanor Rigby

Since The Beatles are a top iconic band and there are many kinetic typography reproductions of their songs, they deserve two spots on this list. This example makes wonderful use of retro typography styles and simple color usage.

Cobra Starship: The City is at War

The City is at War is an impactful enough of a song alone, but when paired with effective kinetic typography, it’s explosive. This video combines 3D typography elements and wonderful color usage for a great viewer experience.

Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is a favorite rock classic but it has never provided quite the same experience as when paired with kinetic typography. A side benefit of this video is you can finally understand what Queen is saying by reading along with the lyrics.


Gary Jules: Mad World

Creative color usage and well-designed illustrations are what set this kinetic typography example above many others. The typography has an in-your-face feel but is also interesting relaxing when paired with the background melody.

Anberlin: A Day Late

This video combines the latest trends of handwritten styles and punchy colors as the perfect complement to Anberlin’s hit, A Day Late. While modern in essence, the video also includes sprinkles of retro-awesomeness.

Ben Folds: Zak and Sara

Alternative music and kinetic typography complement each other perfectly in this example. Snappy colors and great illustrations make this one worth watching.

From talented singers to music producers, many elements are required to create a popular song. However, of utmost importance are the song’s lyrics. When those lyrics are effectively transformed into kinetic typography, the result is unlike any other music experience. Although this design trend is often more difficult than others to master, it’s a worthwhile path to pursue if you truly want to test your skills.

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