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DLL Errors and How to Fix Them

One of the most irritating errors for the users is the DLL errors. It is the most common errors occurring on the system. DLL means Dynamic Link Libraries; they are the external part of applications that you can run on the Windows. Applications such as a lot of game applications and also some other applications can’t store things on their own, they need help from an external source and with the help of the external source they store data inside other files. When the time comes to use that data, those applications call for that external source to fetch those data and the external source gets loaded in the memory of the system. When that external source as DLL here is not found or is someway corrupted, then the DLL error shows up.

How to fix DLL File Errors?

Before fixing the DLL file error you should first check if the file is accidentally deleted by you or someone from your system and for that you need to check your Recycle Bin. If it is there, just restore the file and it will again go back to its original place and your system won’t show you the error message anymore. If deleted accidentally and not found in the Recycle Bin, you can use the steps mentioned below to get a fresh copy of the DLL file. One can use service from third party websites and download .dll files for free without any problems.

One more thing you should check is that if any malware, virus or spyware got in your system which is messing up with your system and you are getting DLL errors. Therefore, you should use a reputed anti-virus, malware and spyware scanner to scan your whole system to know if there is any malicious file messing up with your computer. If there is any malicious file, you should first remove it and then follow the below mentioned tasks. This process is necessary because if you don’t run a scan and restore the DLL file, it’s a matter of sometime that the malicious file will again infect your DLL file and again you have to go back through the whole process.

You should also check with a free registry checker if the registry entries are okay in your system and if not fix them. Sometimes wrong registry entries also show DLL file errors.

To Fix Your DLL File Errors, You Can Follow With the Below Mentioned Steps:

  1. You already have a System File Checker in your Accessories. Run it and you can replace missing system files and corrupted system files from your system.
  2. You can run Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM.exe) and check if the DLL file is replaced.
  3. You can restore your computer to a previous date and check if the error is fixed.
  4. You can use Microsoft’s official page and search for the DLL file that is missing or corrupted and then install it on your system.
  5. When you use the third party website do remember to check if they are authentic website that verifies their files before distribution and install the file in your system.

Therefore, if you find any DLL errors, don’t get frustrated, just follow any of the steps mentioned above and your problem is going to be solved.

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