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Drawing With Perfection by Franco Clun


There are thousands of Arts and Crafts institutes around the world. Millions of people work hard day and night to get admitted to these institutes. However, these institutes can only sharpen the individuals’ skills. Creativity is a quality that no alma mater can induce; it is something than an individual is born with. Moreover, no one can groom and amplify the talents of creative people more than the creative people themselves. Clun Franco, an Italian artist, is a prime example of such people.

Pencil Drawins by Franco 1

Franco always had a passion for pencil drawings. What makes his work extraordinary is that he is a self-taught artist. This means that he evolved his raw talent into absolutely mesmerizing work. His work includes pencil drawings of various celebrities as well as common people. One of the celebrities Franco has drawn is Anne Hathaway. The pencil drawing of this beautiful Hollywood star is as stunning as any camera can produce. Franco also drew a picture of Robert Downey Jr. This picture is actually inspired by a scene from Iron Man 2, where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is attacked by Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) on car racing track.

Another amazing drawing by Franco shows the close up of an elderly man’s face; while removing his spectacles. The man’s face is redrawn in the spectacles, just as they would show in an actual image, reflecting the face due to the focal strength of the glasses. Franco’s work shows a lot of attention to details and it is hard to believe that he has not had any professional training. Another drawing shows the close up of a male eye. Everything in this drawing including the eye ball, eye brows, eye lashes and even the skin pigments are perfectly drawn. Franco’s dedication to his work is an inspiration to budding artists everywhere. If you have talent, only you can take it to the maximum potential. Just believe in yourself, work hard and you shall achieve greatness.

Pencil Drawins by Franco 2

Pencil Drawins by Franco 3

Pencil Drawins by Franco 4

Pencil Drawins by Franco 5

Pencil Drawins by Franco 6

Pencil Drawins by Franco 7

Pencil Drawins by Franco 8

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