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Easy, Cheap and Proven; 5 Benefits of Using a Website Builder over Costly Web Design Services for Your Business Site


When it comes to your business, one of the big major steps in its growth is the beginning of your online presence. Online presence and branding can really make or break a business, especially if you’re counting on great online visibility and revenue.

However, hiring web design companies is expensive. Expensive, awkward, lengthy and potentially troublesome. There are many bad web design companies out there. You’re essentially inserting a middle-man where there doesn’t really need to be one.

The fact is, most businesses simply do not need a bespoke, custom programmed, all the fancy bells and whistles website. They need a functional site, which looks great, and runs fast on multiple devices and platforms. It needs to support text, video and images, and rank great on Google. That’s all. So if you’re concerned a website builder won’t be able to do all things you imagine, then I’d say you might be going over the top on what your website needs to be.

It’s So Much Cheaper

First and foremost on any small business owners mind is always going to be cost. We all know that building an authoritative and spectacular online presence can be very worthwhile and lucrative, but when you’re at an early stage with a business, you cannot afford to be throwing money around.

You Know Your Business Better Than Anyone

If you hire a third party website design company, and your business is in any way complex, niche or unusual, good luck. In order to create the perfect website for a business, a website with the right aesthetics, functionalities and vibe, you need to know the business. Fortunately there is someone who knows your business really well; YOU!

You Have Full Control of the Site Build

You’ve got two choices when it comes to picking a web design service. You can either go local, and be limited by geography to either an unproven or expensive firm, or you can go online, and make communication that bit more difficult.

Outsourcing to even a great online web design service is going to rely on a lot of trust, and belief that they can get the job done on time, to the right standard and provide support after. When using a great website builder, like the website builder from WebEden, you don’t have to suddenly become the most trusting guy in the world, you simply get on with it. Which brings me on to my next point…

You Don’t Need Web Design or Programming Skills

This is huge. No longer is website design the sole arena of highly technically skilled individuals, but anyone can throw together a site. With a little bit of effort, you can create a site that competes with some of the best out there, and you don’t need to learn HTML programming or anything else.

It Can Be Up and Running in No Time

When you’re a new business, every day counts, and you need to be moving forward. Being able to build and get your site running in a week or two is always going to make website builders the top dog when it comes to producing your businesses site. Once your site is up and running, then you’ve just got to focus on the next all-important task, building a brand.

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