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EAT! Design With Food


There was a time when food was treated as merely a means of survival, the life source that would steer our basic primal needs through living to see another day. Today however, food is quite the complex social, cultural and societal symbol of not only human need, but more so human lifestyle. We as people go day in and day out, relishing our very personal and communal experiences through our encounters with gastronomy. Whether it is in the act of breaking bread with our peers or private measured indulgences, food has today become the very definition of our characters and lives.

EAT! Design with Food 2

One must remember however, food is not only consumable matter, but like everything else in existence has it’s facets, facets which if allowed by the mind to consider are inspired beyond our comprehension. In this light, Hamburg-based design house EIGA designed a book called ‘EAT! Design your Food’ tackling just that! Published by NBVD in both German and English, ‘EAT! Design with Food’ is a 124 pages long book that gives food the spotlight through the axis of art and design in a party celebrating all that is edible. Bringing together 54 talented artists, designers and architects, the book is a masterpiece compilation of works of art playing with visual gastronomical techniques rendered with the sole purpose of inspiring us viewers.

This is the 64th edition of EIGA’s diary series and it sets out exclusively to commemorate culinary prowess in all its creative visual glory. It’s cover to cover with various artistic expressions from art installations, thematic food photography, smart products and graphic design to anything and everything that is food. The food we eat travels across the globe, journeying through an assortment of preparation processes before finally presenting itself before us.

What we eat, where we eat, how we eat and whom we eat with are a source of standing and pride for us as members of an ever evolving culture. These talented creative minds put forth this reminder of food as a historical evolution that is till today being explored in new innovative and inventive ways.

EAT! Design with Food 3

EAT! Design with Food 4

EAT! Design with Food 5

EAT! Design with Food 6

EAT! Design with Food 7

EAT! Design with Food 8

EAT! Design with Food 9

EAT! Design with Food 10

EAT! Design with Food 11

EAT! Design with Food 12

Image courtesy of EIGA Design.

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