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Extraordinary Tattoo Collection by Thomas Hooper


An English tattooist,Thomas Hooper, best known for his full body tattooing. He is working in Brooklyn and has recently published some of his amazing tattoo collection. Let’s check out some of his masterpieces.

Eagle Owl Tattoo

This tattoo can be detailed as an incarnation of a snake, owl or eagle, the bird of night.  Though, three of these animals are evil in nature. So this tattoo is an instance of Brooklyn collection of malevolent tattoos. The wings of the bird are huge in size. The eyes and wings are equally malicious with a beautifully adorned rear body part.

Burning Skull with Hellish Snake

See this flaming and vicious skull tattoo, covering the whole body of the wearer, with an addition of another evil creature, a snake. A scared building is also entrapped in the tight grasp of the coiled serpent. The venomous animal, the bony head of the human and the evil eye have captured almost the 75% of the tattoo wearer’s body.

The Inverted Skull

An upside down skull is featured on the front body of the tattoo wearer with a starry chest. The human heart colored in red is giving an insidious effect to the tattoo.

Eye of Providence

There is one tattoo which is holy in nature as it shows the Eye of Providence right on the chest of the man. This sign manifests the God’s blessing for His creations. The Eagle is not missed here, and seated on the shoulder in the curved motion.

Mid Night Brooklyn Horror

The most spell binding tattoo out of all these is the one which tells a complete story of spine-chilling mid night. The full moon is shown with all its brightness and the dark clouds piercing through the portrait’s lightness and darkness in one. A huge eagle, with its horror-stricken eyes is sitting on a branch which resembles the human bones. The dead skull adds more fear in the surroundings.

Most of the tattoos are evil in nature or carries an evil message. The snake, the owl, the skull, human bones, the night and even the flower holds a cancerous effect but all these tattoos clearly manifests the artist’s accomplishment and success.

via InspireBee

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