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Faces of Money


Money is man greatest creation and the most dangerous one too. We sweat for it and we fret for it. Money has been the major cause among millions of quarrels around the world. Money, it is said, cannot buy happiness; but it can buy a lot of stuff that are the perfect prosthetics for happiness.

Money Art - 1

Everyone likes money. It puts a smile on all our faces. French artist Phillipe Petrement makes sure of it in his latest project. Titled “The Magnificent Seven” this humorous project joins nations, or more specifically, their currencies. Petrement used currencies of various countries and folded them together as to give an entirely new look on a bill. George Washington has the eyes of an Arab Sultan. Ernesto Che Guevara appears right between the brow and chin of another. A dictator’s cap is worn by an English gentleman who as a goatee typical of the Middle East. The eyes of the gentlemen on the Gambian currency are of Gandhi’s. The Cuban currency is mixed with Yuan’s.

This unique art creation by Petrement is currently on display at Parc de Bagatelle in Paris. Although a visitor would earn more to own any or all of the currencies used, the art aesthetics and creativity are bound to put a smile on his/her face. You see, that’s the quality of money; whether it is or isn’t yours, it has the power to woo you out of your socks. As for me, if all Petrement has access to such multinational currencies, I would definitely follow him in his field. Every excuse to get your hands on money is a good one! Jokes aside, it is a really unique project and is a true testament to the ever evolving creativity of the human mind.

Money Art - 02

Money Art - 03

Money Art - 04

Money Art - 05

Money Art - 06

image © philippe pétremant

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