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Fake Movies & Their Fake Posters!


Many fictional or fake movies are being made nowadays. They are becoming increasingly popular amongst the public and viewers find them extremely entertaining. Many people surf online just to get hold of the scripts of the fake movies, read them and attain pleasure.

Flaming Globes

These fake movies are bound to have fake movie posters too. If you are surf online, you shall come across a plethora of these posters. The names, character, cast and the script seem to be adopted from more than one film and combined together to form a new one.

Prognosis Negative

There are several fake movies we would come across on Seinfeld for instance. These include Rochelle Rochelle which is basically originated from Emmanuelle made in 1974. It is indicated to be an erotic and sensual film about love and life. It is based on ‘how a girl became a woman’. Its poster features Anne Hathaway wearing a black dress and her picture set against a dark background. Then there is another fake movie that seems to be very popular. ‘Prognosis’ negative’ is mentioned in several episodes and is about a man who happens to get a very negative result on a medical exam and believes it to be extremely bad. These movies are mentioned many times in Seinfeld and also happen to have one connection or another with the director of the show.

Rochelle Rochelle

Sack Lunch

There are many fake movies now that have proper scripts as well as stories and you can check their posters out as well. They have attractive posters. These are similar to those of real and actual movies. These posters are extremely convincing and attract plenty of viewers every day. Even though these movies have never actually been created but they possess intriguing stories and the ideas behind them are very unique.

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