Fancy Widgets 3.5.6 Download Best Weather & Clock Widget App

Fancy Widgets 3.5.6 with best clock and weather widgets download APK
Fancy Widgets 3.5.6 – Free APK app with best clock and weather Widgets

Fancy Widgets 3.5.6 is latest version of best Android app to make your home screen attractive with best clock and weather widgets. This application has well designed widgets and many features to edit these. You can select size of screen widget of your choice while using Fancy widgets 3.5.6 and more feature of best clock and weather widget APK android app are given below.

  1. Clocks with editable date + time format.
  2. Current condition of weather in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale of temperature.
  3. Fancy Widgets 3.5.6 also tells you about some additional features like battery level etc.
  4. This best widgets application contains auto sunrise and sunset times along with Moon calender.
  5. Clock and Weather widgets for android in different sizes.
  6. You can get many more additional features and functions by purchasing APK android application.
  7. Size of Fancy Widgets 3.5.6 is 3.9 MB and its version is 3.5.6.
  8. Best clock and weather Widgets app is supported with 1.6 and up android OS.

Fancy Widgets 3.5.6 is ever best application ever to edit your android home screen and add best clock and weather widgets to it. You must download this APK app from given link below the picture. Download Fancy Widgets 3.5.6 and enjoy. Have a nice day!

Fancy Widgets 3.5.6 android APK best app free download
Clock and weather widgets along with many skins


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