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Fascinating Fashion in Leaves

Tang Chiew Ling is a Malaysian artist. She is working as a freelancer in the field of graphic designing. The ideology and inspiration behind her work is to illustrate the common objects around us more gorgeous through an astounding sense of imagination. The graphic designer has explored fun and simplicity in a sole manner and combined the effect of two to create illustrations which worth praising.











Living in Malaysia with rich in natural beauty, automatically adhere the graphic designer to ecology and she therefore demonstrates the beauty of leaves in her illustrations. The flowers, their petals, leaves in their life cycle, all are the objects of inspiration and imagination behind her work. Here we would discuss her series of illustration by the name of fashion in leaves where she has created eye catching examples which can relate fashion and natural life in an exquisite way.

Three Major Aspects of the Series

  • Different types of leaves are mixed together and along with hand drawing illustrations are created to elaborate fashion and style through the art of leaves
  • The creativity lies in the fact that the artist has used many unattractive and dying leaves to create something beautiful inspiring and fun oriented. The creation also gives a new flame to fashion and its value in arts.
  • The project itself is most challenging because it’s always a new and exciting journey for an artist to utilize the most insignificant things in piece of art to receive appreciation. Similar is the case with the series of fashion in leaves. The artist has used leaves to dress up the hand drawings and given them an elegant look. This work was quite a surprise for art lovers. The colors, patterns and structures of leaves are so delightfully aligned with the pencil drawings that they appear as a dress at a glance.

The Idea or Theme

The idea is to bring an organic representation of fashion to prove that organic material can also play a vital role in fashion and style. Hence, the combine effect of fashion and natural beauty stimulates the sense of designing.

Source: Behance

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