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Fine Line Permanent Ink Tattoos

In the Tattoo Industry, the name Thomas Cardiff is known to everyone. He is a British tattooist. He uses human body as canvas to print his artwork. Thomas Cardiff has always come with a new vision. He is an adept in one dimensional lineal line pattern and applies shades in his tattoos with multiple crossing lines.

The artist is brilliant in inking traditional mermaids, skulls, ships, butterflies, swords, flowers, hunting animals and human organs. His tattoos are deep in meaning.

Story of Wolf & Dog Tattoo

You can see a tattoo of a cunning fox on one arm and a temperate dog on the other arm. The tattoo is monochromatic with long lines and dotted patterns. It’s a simple yet elegant instance of permanent ink tattoos.

His tattoos often show a struggle between powerful and meek as in Wolf and dog tattoo. Another example of this power struggle issue is a tattoo picturing a furious eagle and a submissive bird on the front body of a man.

Permanent Butterfly Tattoo

Here we can see a butterfly tattoo with two strikingly vicious eyes and two slightly submissive eyes with open stings. It is difficult to analyze the figure as a whole is alarming or humble. This tattoo is coupled with a custom Asian henna design. The artist first draws his vision on the paper and then on a human body. The machine in his hands moves as swiftly as his pen on the paper.







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