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Fire Drawings


Steven Spaznuk is an artist who dares to experiment with his art, flaming far ahead of all traditional mediums and drawing with fire. Using the flame of a candle, he creates a blazing trail of soot over the surface, controlling the imprint it leaves. In the diverse area of the arts, one knows to expect just about anything and everything, but rarely does one get the opportunity to see such a fine fusion of material and skill. The manner of execution results in breathtaking masterpieces, a mix of dusty, detailed yet surreal, almost natural perfection.

Spaznuk’s work may be considered the very symbol of evolution in drawing, known by his peers to never cower from pushing the limits. He began experimenting his talent with the flame in 2001 and has been perfecting his technique ever since. In his words, “For the past ten years, I have developed and perfected a unique technique that allows me to use the flame of a candle as a pencil to create my paintings with trails of soot.” However, no real challenge comes without its hurdles, even for a creative genius like Spaznuk. ““Of course the few first drawings I did back in 2001 caught on fire but I quickly went to thicker paper and now they never get to burn.”

Although Steven Spaznuk works closely with the destructive effects of fire, the very essence of his technique requires that the paper itself never be burnt, but only marked and imprinted with the soot left by the flame. This act of artistic expression reveals spellbinding works of art and genius as a result of magnificent discipline and control over the material and the will of his hands.

A deep personal struggle motivated Spaznuk into creating his most compelling works of art. His girlfriend was suffering from Cancer, and during the time from when she was fighting the disease’s degenerative effects till the moment she miraculously survived that battle, Spaznuk lifted his work to a level such that would mirror her healing. When asked about his favorite work he said, “She went from deep shadows to emerge into light. When she lost her hair during her chemotherapy, I collected it and fashioned different brushes with which I scratched the light into her face, her eyes, for this portrait.” He found strength in his art in the strength the woman he loves found to survive, “she is reborn a warrior”.

Fire Drawing 1

Fire Drawing 2

Fire Drawing 3

Fire Drawing 4

Fire Drawing 5

Fire Drawing 6

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