Dynamic Flash Websites : Dare to enjoy?

The innovative technological age we live in has fashioned Web-building software and services catering to aspiring designers who dare to create websites surrounding their unique and bold inspirations. These tools are the dimensions allowing for superior interactivity and phenomenal visual layout, among which Flash, Javascript and Papervision 3D are just a few of the popular instruments adhered. In fact, these features are the primary elements of web design that attract and entertain visitors and viewers into the very artistic concepts and promotions of various different websites.

Below is a compilation of several flash websites that have employed the enticing amusement of these elements, producing a mixture of inimitable ideas exclusively complemented by the distinctive effects of Flash and Javascript. These will surely have you glued to your monitor screen for hours on end. Enjoy!

Zoomquilt II

Zoomquilt II is a fantastic Flash zoom animation which consists of images created by twenty collaborative artists in the ultimate creation of a never-ending alternate universe which carries you from one scene to another in perfect harmony, creating a fantastic landscape of psychedelic themes.


This flash based site is an original grunge themed website promoting the ‘Element’ energy drink. It cinsists of a very stylish introduction and suberb 3D graphics which result in its fanatic look. The site is further complemented by dedicated sounds and themes directing to Element’s four flavours : Water, Earth, Fire and Air; each one revealing a unique little secret, allowing you to experiment and play with them.

Optus Whale Song

“When it comes to communication, anything is possible.” And truly said. This is a beautiful website committed to the protection of endangered animals. It is based on the magical idea of writing a song for a whale, whereby an orchestra floats on the surface of the ocean and you are to use your keyboard to compose a song for a whale. Exceptional graphics portrayed in underwater scenes and mesmerizing musical notes make this experience truly magical.


Thingdom is an interactive flash field for the creation of a “thing”, for which you will select traits, genetics, cells and chromosomes, making it a creature of its own for you to breed and evolve. This is an entertaining life simulation activity site that has proven to be appealing for adults and children alike, through its inviting graphics and flash effects as well as customization.


Silenzio is essentially a 3D movie library with maginificent 3D transitions. The layout is a structure of smooth animation and allows the viewer to hover over a variety of different movies laid down in a perfect table catering to exquisite graphic effects resulting in interesting options for selection.

Sensi Soft

Although Sensi Soft is a global service specializing in classified advertising solutions, its execution is its Flash based web design is a matter of marvel. It allows the viewer to experience the journey through time and space of revolution. It comprisies of beautiful 3D scene animation and equally fitting sound effects encouraging you to travel through different time periods by just one click of your mouse.

Habitat Seven

Habitat Seven comprisies of all the dimensions and characteristics of different designers and illustrators experimenting with their creativity. The sky is truly the limit! This has proven to be the personal playground of unconventional artists looking for inspiration.

Infinite Oz

The Infinite Oz is a compilation of the works of nine acclaimed international artists depicting a captivating journey through different sci-fi worlds, each replacing the last in it’s infinite aura of a world beyond reality.

I Love This Trash

I Love This Trash is truly an unconventional and entertaining way of picking your…drug of choice? Jokes aside, this flash based website is practially a library of the different stimulators raged popularly all over the world. The fresh and youthful Flash animations and transitions exhibit the quotas of people like yourself from different parts of the world, voting for their favorite vice, (anonymously so, I might add) with charts, geo-statistics and other features.


Ecsw is a great flash website with a cool flash introduction. The most interesting characteristic of this site is it allows you view and walk around the building of a contemporary art gallery by yourself in a virtual manner, from one level to another, to another. Whether you’re one who loves virtual tours and simulations or just looking for gallery ideas for your next exhibition, this is definitely a worthy stop-over.

Comcast Town

Comcast Town is a very bright and cheerful flash animation design following the theme of an ambitious virtual little town. You can explore the town by scrolling through the arrows and even virtually move into it and designing your new pad.

The Dribbler Magazine

The Dribbler is the first ever online magazine wholly dedicated to satirical football humour. It’s a tricky and stylish form of online sports literature and often comical, even ludicrous in its antics of the premiership game. In just a few words – British humour at its best!

Papervision 3D

This evocative website gives the viewer an enticing chance to explore the underwater world and the horizons of the ocean as well as the creatures that gracefully live in it. The open-source flash framework formally known as Papervision 3D is thus introduced by this interactive below-seas 3D environment.

The Eco Zoo

The Eco Zoo is a 3D flash animation website which encourages and environmentally friendly lifestyle.It exhibits a tall nature friendly tower in a forest-like zoo where several deifferent animals live in harmony and encourage a peaceful way of life. You can visit each of these animals whilst exploring their rich 3D world.

Gears of War – Emergency Day

Gears of war is a massive 3D animation scenario with exquisite 3D fade-in and fade-out transitions for each level. It is based on the video game “Gears of War” by Epic Games, surrounding the war theme around a chaotic and destructive time period wherein all technological and military barriers have been breached. This demo introductory website is a superb demonstration of its genre, likely to appeal to both adventure gamers and enthusiasts alike.


TUNE is an interactive flash multimedia library featuring the original music of selected composers, songwriters and artists in order to develop a feel-good sensation for young girls and women to enhance their life and health. It’s hover pause-and-play high quality audio and transitions are sure to leave a lasting pleasant impression.


Ge is a three dimensional website comprising of animations of rich 3D objects and their utilization in three different 3D environments. It promotes the smart use of energy in an environmentally friendly way and fulfills it’s objectives by showing the contrast between virtual words with and without smart meters.

Kodak Pulse

The Kodak Pulse website was originally designed to generate buzz around the Kodak Pulse digital frame. Its neat flash animation and transition layout allows visitors to create their own personalized Kodak photo stream and further interlacing it with various popular networking centers such as Facebook and Twitter.

Battle of the Cheetos

Battle of the Cheetos is a fun and entertaining website promotion the brand Cheetos in the most enjoyable way. The 3D Flash interface allows for viewers to participate in an online game wherein the player can fight an interactive Cheetos battle with their own Cheetos chip of choice, and customizable army and flag out on the World Wide “Battlefield”.

Conclave Onscurum

This website is actually a display of the artworks of an unconventionally unique artist. Its Flash based interface displays a spooky and grotesque themed introduction and style of art. Everything from the animations and transitions to the spine-chilling music and sounds will render the visitor into a world unknown

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