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For the Love of Freebies

Stop scouring the web for freebies to stock on. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

So sit back, enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon with some creamy latte and download these 10 freebies that we bet you are going to frequently use in upcoming projects.

Royalty free graphics


Most websites that stock on royalty free images charge extortionate amounts for each piece. No seriously, who has upwards of $200 to spend?

With clients acting stingy and competitors looking to snatch your projects, you need to be ahead of your game. And which is why you would absolutely need to download this set of royalty fee graphics that boast of 22 different vectors, 9 vector illustrations, and 3 high-res textures.

Use these as the backdrop of your client’s website or for designing cards or t-shirt graphics. The extended license enables you to use them for both personal and commercial use. Free Download

16 Business Vector Badges


You’ve impressed them by making a brilliant logo for them. Now go ahead and use vector badges to highlight certain important information on their website.

Do they retail original ivory lamps? Use the Authentic vector badge to add credibility or maybe your client’s business is running leaps and bounds with stock being sold overnight? Add the sold out badge to inform the customers.

Vector badges are useful in almost every website not just those engaged in e-commerce. You can even use these to quirk up a blog. Just let your creative juices flow.

The badges are available in .EPS format for instant download. Free Download

Stylish and sizzling free vector pack


This freebie packs in a lot of varieties of vector. The summer vector pack feature cute elements to create the perfect summery feel. From flip flops to beach balls, use these vectors to designs invites for the next beach party or revamp your summer-centric web pages.

Plus you also get vintage floral vector options to create beautiful henna-inspired borders. There’s also a vintage frame that would unarguably be the perfect invite to any vintage theme party or the backdrop of a webpage

And that’s not all! There’s another set of flashy stickers and tags that proclaim an item sold or work as a discount coupon. The entire pack can be yours at just one click. Free Download

Royalty Free, Stylish Logo Set


Is your client starting their own e-commerce business or maybe their own consulting blog? Educate them on the importance of getting a stylish and effective logo to take their enterprise from a name to a brand overnight.

Logos are the identity of any company and the more popular a company is, the better recognized their logos are. It’s important to pay attention to the practicality of a logo too besides making it look good.

This set of 6 royalty free business logo has been designed keeping the major businesses- medical and healthcare, biotechnology, fashion, consulting, and hotel and spa- in mind. Simple and communicative, these logos are completely customizable as per requirement. Free Download

Heraldry Vector Images


The Heraldry Vector Images set has such a Game of Thrones feel to it. Use it to make quirky web pages and design gaming websites. But these images are not limited in scope.

The vector images are responsive which means it can be viewed on any device as the original piece without any change in pixels. Since these are vector images, stretching and resizing does not hamper the quality so you can stretch this to fit an entire page.

From crowns to olive wreaths, the SVG images can be edited and are also SEO friendly. Free Download

Vector Stars Pack


A burst of shining stars make any page come alive. Aside from their stereotyped use in feedback and rating required websites, these can also be stretched to fit as a background.

The pack contains the classic and other variations of the classic to shimmer and dazzle your web page. Use them to design pamphlets or invitation cards, the vector star pack is one of those elemental materials you cannot do without. Free Download

15 Metallic Photoshop Gradients


Want the kind of shiny background that’ll rival a Feudal Lord’s shoes? These metallic gradients will do the trick just fine. The reason they are so realistically looking is because they are created from real metals.

The gradients are extremely detailed and meticulously drawn, work these as the background or create stunning text images on these.

Promising the best tone and quality color, these 15 metallic Photoshop gradients are available in .jpg .psd .grd formats and readily downloadable. Free Download

Pack of 100 Smart Devices Icons


Smartphones are taking over the world and if your projects are centered around the smartphone or other devices, then you can use the smart devices icon to put the message across.

The pack of 100 smart devices icons have you spoilt for choice. From the ubiquitously popular iPhone to the monitor icon, use these to increase readability on any website plus these look really cute too.

Available in .SVG and .PNG formats, you can download the entire pack in one click. Free Download

High quality web resources


This freebie is divided into two parts. First, you get an Editorial Calendar template that’s every freelancer’s saving grace. It helps you strategize and organize your work especially the content part. It gives you an insight into dividing posting as per the targeted audience and also to organize posts for social media.

The second part is the character bundle that gives you a set of professional characters in 100+ poses. Use them for making presentations or comic stripes or memes. Free Download

15 Seamless Icon Patterns & Seamless Wood Pattern


Most web designers don’t pay due attention to the background. The background of your web page is like a canvas and one minor change can make your entire page stand out.

Use these seamless icon patterns to create cutesy backgrounds for web pages or invitation templates. These work extremely well with an informal website or even a blog post. Just use the right font color on top.

Or if you want a more solid background, the seamless wood pattern works well. Does your website talk about ranches and country houses? Complement the theme with these wood patterns. Free Download

Did you like our list of freebies?