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10 Free Online HTML Form Builders


Whether you’re a website builder, a blogger, a tech-savvy design head or just a casual internet surfer, you know you’ve come in to frequent interaction with online forms, or at the very least filled one or two nonchalantly at some point or the other while making an online payment or logging in to your e-mail account. What probably never really crossed some of our minds is the amount of work that actually goes in to building these forms. The need for intellectual feedback and user opinion is ever at its peak in this modern technological age, and these online forms are the gateway atop a very large bridge interactive communication and cyber activity.

That’s where these amazing free online HTML builders come in, allowing the contribution, attainment and participation in intelligent public opinion on the web quick, easy and free! Here’s a collection of 10 of the best free online HTML form generators on the internet.


10 Free Online HTML Form builders

JotForm is one of the most use-friendly free HTML form generators you’ll get your hands on online. It’s got ready made templates to your liking for you to choose from if you’d rather not construct your own. It also allows you to simply drag and drop whatever you need to add to your own custom form. Once you’ve built your form step by step just the way you like it, you can also preview it before deciding it’s what you want to go with. If the template is to your satisfaction and ready to go, you simply get the HTML code generated and slap in on your website.


10 Free Online HTML Form builders


10 Free Online HTML Form builders

HTMLform is perhaps the most helpful and instructive online form builder online, guiding you through the process of building your form step by step till the final act of successfully embedding it in to your web site. Ensuring the effective generation and installation of your HTML form, it also provides you with additional support and other files that will guarantee the victorious implementation of the HTML form on your website. HTMLforum boasts a clean and precise user interface, allowing for smooth navigation through buttons and side menus when building your form. It even has an autosave feature for immediate form saving, and once you’re done, you’ll receive the HTML code as well as a WordPress plugin for your form.


10 Free Online HTML Form builders

Reformed is a form building tool that comes with instructive guidelines that helpfully follow you throughout the entire process of building your HTML form. There’s an array of options you can select when specifying exactly what is required in each respective field, and has ready solutions for just about any situation , for example, when enquiring a visitor’s e-mail address, it will verify the validity of the e-mail address given. It also allows users to have save their form history with all the forms that you’ve made in the past. Once you’re don’t, just get the code and paste it on your website.


10 Free Online HTML Form builders

Accessify is true to its name, providing for efficient website accessibility with their Quick Form Builder as one of their many feature tools. While Accessify may not have a very fancy user interface, by the time you’ve concluding the third step of the creative process, you’ll have your HTML code right in front of you and be all set to go. It’s a simple process of determining fields such as Name, Age, E-mail, and any other information you would require from visitors. After determining preferred website options, it’ll efficiently generate a code and you’ll be all done.


10 Free Online HTML Form builders

123 Contact Form caters to just about any and every kind of form you might be looking to make, whether it’s a simple HTML contact form or a considerably more complex web form requiring the use of templates which are more than available. Simply put, 123 Contact Form seeks to meet a variety of your online form related needs. 123 Contact Form’s HTML tool is fully customizable, with 20 predefined fields and a number more for you to determine, open layout, placement and character tweaking. The tool is a real-time editor and allows you to add images, Google Maps and HTML blocks to your form, including the use of themes and integrations. All changes can be viewed in real-time, and finally get your HTML code and publish.


10 Free Online HTML Form builders

Freedback is a free online HTML form generator which boasts that it will “Put an HTML form on your website in about 8 minutes” and “No programming required”, not even a little bit! This HTML form generator is first and foremost designed for people who want HTML forms without ever having to actually deal with HTML themselves. It’s that simple. You create your form using their easy to use GUI form builder, get your code, copy and paste it to your site and that is it. You’re done. From there on, all notifications can be instantly received via e-mail or SMS, forms can be managed using their webinterface an autoresponder can instantly respond to vistors.


10 Free Online HTML Form builders

Form2Go is a super easy online form builder and it claims to be the most advanced multilingual form builder out there. Firstly you set up and install the tool, the form building process is crafted to any specifications – all additional information of visitors is stored, the date, time, location and IP address. The Form2Go wizard allows for easily customizable generation resulting in HTML code ready to be posted to your website. With an option to upload images up to 10MB, promotion settings, file export options and immediate notifications, it is a most simple and easy to use free online HTML form builder.


10 Free Online HTML Form builders

The MakeUseOf online form builder allows you to build quick HTML forms in three easy steps. With to-the-point options to select the field type, markup, form method, help text, and many more, it truly seeks to relieve builders from the tedious process of manually constructing web forms. After simply entering the fields you’d like to appear and providing field types like the check-box, password, radio buttons, etc. you’re all set and your HTML code is ready for publishing.


10 Free Online HTML Form builders

EmailMeForm is your typical free and easy to use HTML form builder, and very productive at that, but what makes it stand out the most is its unique use of branch logic to create advanced surveys which in turn allow for the integration and collection of payments with PayPal, Google Wallet and Authorize.net. Allowing for the generation of multiple page and anti-spam forms with autorespond facilities and user management – all the things you need to come up with an auto-generated HTML code ready for publishing.

  • 10 Free Online HTML Form Builders
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