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Fun With Statistics – Live Infographic


I will be the first one to accept it. Graphs, pie charts and all other stuff in this field are extremely boring, especially, if they show a decline. However, they are very important in all businesses. The task is to make them more attractive and, if possible, fun. Belgian studio “Soon” was face by a similar task for their client “Ablynx”. What they delivered is awe inspiring.

Hand Lettering Cover Infographic

Studio “Soon” took the tools for statistical data and turned them into larger than life icons. Using ply wood as base, they constructed everything from numbers to complicated histograms and colored them to perfection. This unique project has made the average data into fun and you can study it in gigantic proportions.

The studio’s work includes the following:

  • Graphs, denoting percentages etc.
  • Pie Charts
  • Flow Charts
  • Histograms and
  • Free Floats

By this project, Studio “Soon” has taken the data out of computer screens and transformed them into size XXXL mediums; something you can’t miss. If a company is going in profit, this is the perfect way to present their progress to the employees. It will add a touch of creativity and fun, while the larger than life data images will motivate them beyond measure. If one day, I walk into my office and find this size XXXL data connoting my hard work and results (positive of course), I would always put an extra effort in my work and try to top the gigantic charts over and over again. Once again, Studio “Soon” has proven that creativity can breathe life in even the most boring and run of the mill things in life. Being an advertiser, I would love to present my company’s profile to potential clients in the XXXL style. I know it is bound to turn heads and in the process, create a stronger impact of my portfolio; so kudos to Studio “Soon” for this creative business masterpiece.

Hand Lettering Cover Infographic - 1

Hand Lettering Cover Infographic - 2

Hand Lettering Cover Infographic - 3

Hand Lettering Cover Infographic - 4

Hand Lettering Cover Infographic - 5

Hand Lettering Cover Infographic - 6

Hand Lettering Cover Infographic - 7

Hand Lettering Cover Infographic - 8

Hand Lettering Cover Infographic - 9

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