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Glorious Brands of United States – Now in a Handy Map


Steve Lovelace, a Lone Star State inhabitant, an artist and writer by profession, has discovered a map which expresses the most popular brand of each State of America and took the internet on storm.

‘Corporate States of America’ is the title given to the infographic depiction of the most known Brand name of United States. According to Steve Lovelace, this assignment is established in consequence to the ‘Organized Feudal System’.


The 50 Corporate States of America are presented in the map of the US. But there is something contrastive in it. The States are presented with the most famous Brand the States produced. Now the inhabitants of these States have to take a look on the map and decide if their State is accurately described with the Brand’s illustriousness or not.

The author tried to make people recognize the loyalty of the brand with the State through this map of USA. The famous brand that demonstrates each State makes the dwellers feel like they are occupied by the brand. Perhaps this was in Steve’s mind when he organized the map.

There are few places where he deliberately replaced the most famous brand with a slight unknown or less known one. The only reason he gave for this, is that he does not want to associate the State with an ill-famous brand.

A big room for argument is opens for this map of USA concerning the 50 States and the Worldwide recognized Brands presenting these States. The mapping project got the mixed reviews so far. There are few who agree with the depicted brand as a symbol of their State but many considered it as conflict as they were not satisfied with the brand name chosen to represent their State. According to the most, the brand indicating their State is not satisfactory. However everyone believes that it was a really good try by Steve Lovelace.

Though ‘Glorious’ and ‘Famous’ word have many subjective meanings and Steve Lovelace presented the famous brands of the State according to his own taste, it is not must appreciated by the majority of the Americans.

As Allsup, a Chain Store indicates New Maxico, But is only Allsup, the famous store Brand left to present the New Mexico State, a mere chain store? Apple presenting California, no doubt it’s a worldwide recognized brand but it overtook Facebook and many other renowned brands.

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