Going Mobile: The Importance of Responsive Design In Modern Web Creation

If your business has a website, how do you think people view it? Do you think that they observe on a desktop? Or are they more likely to see it on a tablet, or maybe even a mobile phone? If you don’t have the answer to that question, but how can you effectively design a website in the first place? This is the puzzle that lots of web development professionals are working through every day.

And ultimately what they are finding out is that sites that look good on multiple devices are going to do better than those that don’t. Knowing this, it’s important to know where you can find mobile templates, if you can work with automatic coding content management systems, and what the numbers are as far as the conversion rate on desktop versus mobile platforms.

Why Mobile Sites Are Better

So if you’ve decided to code from a mobile-friendly perspective, how do you know that this will be better for you? The easiest answer is that when you start running your analytics numbers, engagement will go up. Even free analytics programs will tell you where people are accessing your website from. Once you go mobile-friendly, you should see an uptick in the amount of traffic that you have via mobile devices, and that should act as evidence to support your efforts.

Where You Can Find Templates

Looking for mobile templates is pretty easy these days as well. There are tons of free examples of ways that you can set up your website development, and then there is the freemium model where you can have a basic version of something and expand on it for money, and then there are the full professional versions, which can get quite expensive, but typically look amazing when they are complete.

Availability of Automatic Coding

It used to be that to create a website you had to know some HTML, some CSS, and even some JavaScript. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways that you can create websites without knowing any code all. You just have to know how to set up a WordPress site or something similar, and all of the coding is taken care of for you automatically as you work your way through the default settings and design elements.

Conversion Bottom Lines 

In the end, the success of your website is often going to be based on what your conversion ratios are. And if you have a site that’s set up just for desktop, then it’s only going to be people who approach your website via desktop that even have the potential to convert into fully engaged clients. Programming so that your site looks good no matter the size of the screen that people have or the browser that you’re using is almost a necessity to remain competitive in any business niche these days.

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