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Google’s New Invention – A Visual Web Designing Tool


The Google web designer can work best in producing animated ads in an Adobe Flash way. It is available for free on Mac operating System X and Windows PC. Also known as a Google Ad designer, as it provides a complete verbal description for building up ads and HTML 5. This web designing application is for Chrome. The application can be used for tablets, Smartphones and Windows PC. In general, the application is designed for advertisers not for web designers.

Google Web Design Tool

What’s New in Google Web Designing Application

  • This software does not require any coding.
  • It helps in creating and releasing ads through any program.
  • The application has surely reduced the functionality of Flash in building the ads.
  • It’s an inexpensive tool for the new, inexperienced advertisers or students.
  • Its aim is to facilitate for its best. It’s an easy program to use.

Google Webdesign Tool

Now the ads can be created with code or visual tools, this is only possible with the invention of Google Web Designing software, making ads were never so easy earlier. This advertising application is easy going and best for the newly ad makers.

Web Designing Application – Google Version in Adobe Style

The features of Google Web Designing resembles Adobe when downloaded, the tools, the quick as well as advanced animation and the panel toolbars are versatile in working. It can also be named as Google’s version in Adobe’s style.

How it Works

The application having a Beta version can produce Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML files by applying its visual coding.

  • The component panel works on building interaction in advertisements.
  • The color panel helps in choosing colors.
  • An event panel associates events with components to start the action.

Google Web Design

The ads created with this tool are supported through HTML 5 and CSS 3 and can be saved in a zip file. The work can be viewed in any available search browser.

The question is that there are already many such kind of applications available in the market then why Google needed to launch the application having the same function?

The answer is that this application supports HTML5 steadily unlike any other software.

The Google web Designing Visual Tool does not work on Chromebook and Linux. The application is so far limited in producing ad banners only. The finegraphics are its specialty.

Though Google intends to enhance the features for web designers in the application’s upcoming  versions.

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