Tracking Location Through GPS

Global Positioning System was basically developed for the military, Because in Modern life Global Positioning System is Basic need for military. Military can find pinpoint 3D location via Global Positioning System. With an accuracy in just few meters.Global Positioning System we can find we are standing in which corner of the world or elsewhere should we go. Smart phones also have this application like iPhone and Samsung galaxy!.We will not find your location but we also find the other friend location. This article will show you how would it happen and will also tell you u can do it  via reading this whole Artical. it is small application which is used to locate the person it may be built en in smart phones.

1. Awesome Benefits

There is thousand of reason to use Global Positioning System.specially find the person or many other else.

  • As a parents U can use Global Positioning Systems your son is in the school or town or ran away some other place u can find that.
  • As an Employer can is also use Global Positioning System for find their car is he still their where he parked or not. And if the traffic jam your Global Positioning System will tell you go for another route other wise you will  be late from your destination to reach in time.
  • Consumer want to eat some thing and he don’t know where the restaurant or market is then he can use Global Positioning System and find restaurant and market and go there.
  • GPS tracking is also very useful crisis situations, Wireless network allows in emergency services if there is an emergency service reach there as soon as possible for help.




2. Determine the Great Service

  • Reason to to use the service Global Positioning System is find the mobile and other service which is useful for  us.
  • Location sharing enable is also usable  in social media network. Wherever we using social network like Facebook Google plus twitter he can track us and find them where we are and what we are doing.
  • Global Positioning System is also use media and other company to find the location of their employer and so many other things to contact each other via tracking the location.



  •  In smart phones tracking feature via web browser or other mobile services is also used. Global Positioning System  application these cell phones are worthless for the users. These services provides news alerts to users and set location for the users approved in certain area if she across the limit you get the message traveler is traveling outside the approved area. Sending the police you can caught the traveler because he is going some elsewhere.

3. Cellular Network Provide Service that Offers GPS-Enabled Devices:

  • Smartphones providing the Global Positioning System feature which is awesome this service is not provide in the mobile or system.
  • For example, Division track their agent via Global Positioning System. With this  service Head can track the location of any agent at any time. And you know you are tracking them , If agent go away with out the info of Head he can find easily.




  • Global Positioning System is not is only in mobile application it is also use in the watches pen and so many small things which other one can’ identified.
  • Below given the tracking devices with different tracking error.person which is use to find the family members and so many other persons or agents.


4.Match the appropriate device with the required technology and start tracking:

  • If you have the right tool to locate the person then you need only enable the option of tracking of Global Positioning System.
  • we can find the person via Global Positioning System because which cell phone s using the person transmit ad receive the signal  by measuring the distance of transmitting and receiving the signal you can find the person where he was this is the best Global Positioning System technology in modern age.
  • Tracking device depend upon for which purpose is used , you need monthly subscribe to update the technology and new mapped.In this way we can find the the moving person not a constant person.



5. Tracking Video:

  • Like this video we can track the person. Follow this link My application is same as this Link

6. Approximate margin of error:

  • 10 meters (max.) for mobile phones in Europe and the U.K.
  • 25 meters (max.) for mobile phones in the U.S.A., South America and Canada.
  • 50 meters (max.) for mobile phones elsewhere.
  • This system will not work in those  countries without Global Positioning System technology networks.

7. Code For gps Tracking System:

private Gps _gps = new Gps();
private GpsPosition _currentPosition;

public void Start()
    _gps.LocationChanged += new 

    if (!_gps.Opened)

private void _gps_LocationChanged(object sender, 
        Microsoft.Location.LocationChangedEventArgs args)
    _currentPosition = args.Position;


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