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Graphic Design – What You Need to Know Scout this Career?


Graphic Designing is an art of creating rich graphical presentation of text and images to get an attention of the viewer for the purpose of communication of product, service or idea in an effective way. Before you start learning the graphic designing and taking regular classes, you should learn more about this industry, area of work, tools to learn and average earnings of graphic designers.

Graphic Design as a Career

Today, the graphic designing is not limited up to print media and website designing, but it has a business in every small and large organization. There are lots of multinational companies using smart tools of graphic designing for branding of their products and services to help customers to know them in a better way. The graphic designing is used by many companies for packing and design purposes. In the 21st century, the graphic designing has become a part of internet marketing, web designing, and application design and even for android phone applications. So, this creates a plenty of opportunities for designers to earn handsome amount from it.

Software Used In Graphic Designing

There are lots of tools and software used for graphic designing today, but some of the most popular tools used by graphic designers are:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Gimp

The adobe Photoshop is the most popular and oldest tools used by graphic designers. According to the experts, Adobe Photoshop has 46% share of the total in the industry, Illustrator has 20%, InDesign has 7%, Fireworks has 4% and Gimp has a nominal share of 2% in the entire industry.

Skills Required For Graphic Designing

There are personal and technical skills required to work as a graphic designer. The personal skills are related to individual personality traits such as motivation, creativity, adaptable, good listener and communicator, ability to manage time and problem solving. All these skills help a designer to survive in the industry.

Technical Skills

In order to learn and work as a graphic designer, he/she must have an understanding and working knowledge of such technical skills. These technical skills include understanding of colors & their usage, typography of text, ability of use software apps, working on grids, basics of web designing and printing.

Additional Skills

Apart from personal and technical skills, there are some additional skills which help designers to not only design marvelous images, but enhance the overall quality and efficiency of work. These skills are drawing skills, photography, video editing, writing and programming. All these tools help you to stand out in the competition and make yourself distinct.

How to Get Work

A graphic designer can work in advertising companies, software houses, media houses, and can do freelancing as well.

Salary of Graphic Designers

A graphic designer can earn up to $5000 for a month.

Here is a full Infographic for quick overview:


Source: GraphicLoads