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Hair On Air

As millions of brands around the world strive to take a bigger chunk of the consumer pie; the media selection is more important than ever. All the major channels, newspapers, magazines, billboards, social media sites and other communication mediums are overwhelmed with bookings, making a fortune in the process.

Google in Hair

One would think that to make money as an advertiser, a large investment and vast experience in the field is required; and it is true also, well to a certain extent. Over the years, we have seen many people coming up with new and creative ideas to make money by offering their air time, slots, square feet of display and many others. One gentleman tops them all to date. Now it gets you thinking as to what is that this man is doing. Does he own an advertising agency, a channel, a newspaper; perhaps a magazine or one or more billboards? Nope!

Meet Mr. Mohawk Gaz. Now it is pretty evident from the name that he has a Mohawk hairdo. Fair enough, but is it even close to being evident that his Mohawk is his medium of advertising to offer? Well my friends, that is exactly what it is!

NBA Hair Campagin

Mohawk Gaz has a mane thick Mohawk that is available for rent to brands that have the guts to be creative and think out-of-the-box. Mr. Gaz has come up with an extremely unique way to make money using one of his assets. Surprisingly, he is so famous that you wouldn’t believe the portfolio of clients he has. Hold your breaths; he has advertised for VISA Card, Angry Birds, Platinum Tax Group, The NBA AND our very own Google! Unbelievable isn’t it? Mohawk Gaz has even embedded a basketball hoop in his hair for a campaign for NBA!

Let’s face it guys; this dude is ultra-cool when it comes to innovative advertising. I can see the future of media planning: Channel X, Channel Y, Newspapers A, B and C; oh and don’t forget the hair! Check out the most innovative advertising medium I have seen in a really long time.

Angry Bird in Hair

Apps Ad in Hair

Basketball Ad in Hair

Florida Hair Ad

Basketball in Hair

Hair on Air

Hair Campaign

Pepsi Hair Campaign

Tax Group Ad

TV Hair Campagin

Hair Campaign Trick

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