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Has Your Traffic or User Base Hit an Invisible Ceiling?

If you have a website, blog, game, app, or any other interactive media thing, you probably keep pretty close tabs on how many people are using it. This is how you stay in business, of course, and a creative person without a user base is unlikely to stay in business long. But many people who own media hubs like this feel sort of helpless when they look at their web traffic or user numbers. There are good days and bad days, but oftentimes there seems to be little correlation between a creative’s efforts and the result for their reader- or usership.


Oftentimes, an ignorance of search engine optimisation is to blame. Like so many disciplines, it’s important to know a bit of the theory of SEO in order for your website/thing to thrive. There are plenty of SEO resources to help you pull this off, and a quick look at a list of the top finance blogs will give you a sense of the sort of people who are getting it right. SEO is a deep rabbit hole, and it goes and goes and goes. But lots of the ways to improve your game are actually pretty easy to understand, and have to do with the way you structure your general content. This information will be related most specifically to bloggers.


For one, you’ve got to make sure that your content is relevant. Relevance is detected by Google in a totally different way than it is to the general person in your field. Google’s algorithms change all the time. But because their job is to deliver relevant content to users when they type in search terms, your job is to make sure that your content is a good match. So, make sure that your content contains keyword phrases. It’s possible to look these up with Google for a reasonable price. But it’s also possible to better your content by simply thinking like the end user. What are people searching to find out the information you have? Is the information you create tailored to your audience? Can you make yourself more accessible by starting to meet needs other than the ones you are geared toward at the moment?


Another way to increase your exposure through SEO, is to get exposure through other outlets. If you’re able to get your content featured on a high-traffic blog or website, it will perform much better on Google search results and start driving your idea into use by more and more people. This process can be as simple as getting your homepage linked to off of a good keyword phrase, in a prominent article on a prominent website. If you’re able to mimic this behavior over and over, it’ll help you become a lot more visible.


As you can see, these methods are free to employ. But they are a bit time consuming. Still, there’s a skill to it, and as you get better, you can start to drive up your traffic without spending much or any money on it. This method favors people who can write, but also people who can make a plan and stick to it.

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